Thursday, March 30, 2023

Yagi's Nut is Found

After a lengthy chat session with what I shall now call the TW 200 repair brain trust; I said about once again fishing for the missing lock nut for the intake valve on my TW200.

I dropped her, intentionally, onto her right side in order to try and dislodge the nut from wherever it was hiding.  (I would drop her several times throughout this process).

At first, I didn't think anything happened, so I set about doing a video.  I wanted to show the brain trust the chamber containing the intake valve spring, and movement of part of the cam.

Instead, as I was positioning the camera to take the video, I saw the damn nut on the phone's screen!

If you don't see it easily in the video above, here says screenshot with an arrow pointing to it:

The nut prove to be lodged quite tightly in the crevice where it had fallen. I would end up trying multiple tools to try and dislodge it with no success.

I even tried, dropping her on her left side, thinking perhaps that would help dislodge the nut.  Nope, and for future reference one should put the cover back onto the crankshaft cover but before dropping a TW200 onto its left, since oil will spill out otherwise!  DAMHIK.  I had the cover off so I could put a 17mm socket on the nut that turns the crank.

3 and 1/2 Joy filled hours later, I hit upon the idea to use forceps. Eventually I got the right angle and then the nut came loose enough that the magnetic pickup tool was able to grab it!  Bonus: it also grabbed the tip of the forceps that had broken off and that I had not noticed!

And there was much rejoicing!  I informed the brain trust and thanked them for their help and patience.  I couldn't have done it without them.

Got everything put back together, and I use Loctite ( blue ) on the lock nut on the intake valve just to make sure. The test ride will be tomorrow after it has had a chance to cure overnight.

For record, exhaust clearance was spot on at 0.006 in and intake clearance is now 0.003 in where the spec is 0.002 through 0.004.

I also have to buy a new oil filter and more oil for Yagi since I am sure dust and dirt got into the engine while things were open.  I am in the middle of a desert after all!  :)

I basically rested away the rest of the day, though there was a short ride with Scarlett, my Ural Patrol Sidecar, just for some exercise.  It was mostly cloudy with a chill wind, a wind that had blown most of the day.

Tonight's sunset was "meh".

Supposed to be sunny and warmer tomorrow, I sure hope so.  I also hope that Yagi's test ride goes well, keep your fingers crossed!


CCjon said...

A few drops on the head seems to make for new thinking, loosen nuts... then you see the light, eh?
Glad it did NOT develop into anything more serious or costly for you.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks CCjon, me too!