Monday, April 29, 2024

Moochdocking with BlazeOurWay

 We got to Meadview, AZ, Saturday, April 27 and have been Moochdocking at BlazeOurWay's  (Lori and Chris Z.) home.  This is their new base of operations after having been living fulltime in their Overlander Rig: Stewie for the last two years or so.

Yesterday, Sunday, April 28

Some maintenance done on both Stewie, the Z's overlander rig pictured above and also on Yagi, my TW200.  New chassis batteries for Stewie and adjustment of the chain for the TW200.  I thought I needed new sprockets and chain due to the chain slipping at times when going uphill above 50 mph, but no, it was a loose chain.

Today, Monday, April 29

We four drove out in Lori Z's Trailhawk Cherokee Jeep to check out a camping spot on the western rim wall of the Grand Canyon.  You can see this rim wall from the town of Meadview.

Approaching part of the rim wall:

Took about 85 minutes or so and about 40 miles of driving (the last half on rough dirt trails) but we eventually got there with no issues.  No way that Uma or the CR-V could have reached this campsite, mind you, high ground clearance is required.

The view from near the campsite:

We actually encountered my first female/armed BLM Ranger on the way out.  She was investigating a "trespass road" that someone had created.  Basically, someone had graded out a bypass to the designated route, which is prohibited by the BLM.

We got back to the Z's home with no issues, all of us a bit car-weary so we basically rested the rest of the afternoon away.

Friday, April 26, 2024

T-Dub'ing to Lava Butte

While Martha went to do some shopping in Henderson, I rode out this morning on Yagi, my TW200 to check out Lava Butte.  It lies outside, the borders of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

The beginning of the trail, shortly after it becomes a dirt road from the trailhead off of Lake Mead Boulevard was pretty rough, you definitely need 4x4 and good ground clearance just to get on the trail!  (Big boulders and ruts with a decent slope)

Here was today's objective:

The way to the butte was not bad at all after the entrance, I experienced not too many technical bits along the way except the last steep hill before google maps said I was at the butte.  It was quite steep but Yagi did it with no issues, in spite of my reservations.

Lava Butte

I continued on the "designated route" on this BLM land, detouring slightly at times for pics:

Yep, this is the "designated route"

This rock formation caused me to detour slightly,
and no, I didn't ride closer...

Back on the designated route, I caught up and passed a white pickup truck only to see a spot for pics, so he ended up passing me anyways.  It's always nice when slower vehicles yield the road to faster moving vehicles when off-roading.

You can see southeastern Las Vegas Metro

I left Yagi after taking the above pic and wandered over to the nearby cliff edge seeking views of the valley next to me:

While at the edge, I saw this colorful rock formation...then I spotted the car.  See it?

Yep, either idiots dumping an old car after using it as target practice or remains of some of Las Vegas' mobster history...probably the first theory.  :)

A view of the valley, colorful right?  This is in spite of the light due to overcast skies.

Looking back the way I walked, can you see Yagi?

Once back on Yagi, one last pic of the cool rocks forming the cliff edge:

Soon after the above pic, I was at the Wet Lands Conservation Park and motoring along a sedate dirt road towards the outskirts of northeastern Las Vegas.

As you can see, storm clouds had been steadily gathering and I was anxious to get back to the camper before the rains came at Noon.  I would make it through the city tangle and back onto Lake Mead Boulevard without any issues and only got a little bit wet from scattered showers.

Not a bad little route, this Lava Butte trail, I'd rate it as moderate for a rider with my lack of off-road riding skills.

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Boondocking in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area's Government Wash

A somewhat short driving day today as we drove to be close to the Las Vegas, NV area.  Since we gained an hour once we were in Nevada, we were setting up camp by Noon.

There's several rigs here but the sites are pretty dispersed so far.  Not enough rig to make for crowded conditions yet.  We got ourselves a pretty good spot with views of the water on Lake Mead:

Close to sunset, which wasn't much of an event, I rode out on Yagi to check out the rest of the area.  

Not much to tell, more rigs to be found, but still good dispersal patterns.  The roads are rocky and rough so slow going for camping rigs and cars, easy stuff for Yagi.

About a 1/2 mile as the crow flies from our campsite, I was accosted by this dog which was running amuck.  He kept circling the motorcycle as I worked to get away from it, barking the whole time.  I finally left it behind and watched as it then decided to hound a couple who were walking their own dog.

The dog, any dog, is supposed to be on a leash but its owner obviously don't believe in "rules".  The owner finally ran up and grabbed the dog's harness and dragged it away to their "camping rig":

It took this incident for me to discover I'd left my Mace dispense in my other pants.  Just as well I guess, it would have been the dog which paid for its stupid owners' lack of control.

I stopped briefly to chat with the couple with the other dog and they too expressed their surprise and disapproval at the dog and his owner's lack of control.

Anyways, I left that area behind me, it wasn't at all scenic anyways.  Returning to my campsite, I got these shots in the golden hour's light:

We'll be here a couple of days or so before moving on.  It was very windy today and hot, with a high of 92 I think.  It's supposed to be a bit cooler tomorrow but we'll see.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Boondocking near the Kolob Canyons, Zion National Park

 Monday, April 22

We left the Torrey, UT area at 8:32 AM and by 1:00 PM or so we were south of Cedar City, UT setting up camp at a BLM dispersed camping area.

Nice spot, and no neighbors which was the best part.  Even the wind, which wasn't that strong, was warm under the bright sunshine once the clouds moved away.

We rested and relaxed the afternoon away, enjoying the warm conditions.  I did take Yagi, the T-Dub for a short ride in the trail loop nearby, but nothing pic-worthy was found.

Tuesday, April 23

Martha and I took Harriet, the CR-V, south on the highway for about ten miles to the exit for the Zion National Park's Kolob Canyons Visitor Center.

pic by Martha

After Martha got her Park Passport stamped, we drove onto the scenic road which takes you to an overlook trail.  It was a mile to the end and not too hard, perhaps 100 feet in elevation change.  

The trail takes you up to some rather nice views of the nearby Kolob Canyons.  You can, pretty much see the canyons from the trailhead parking lot but we needed the exercise, so....

Martha walking back towards the trailhead...

We weren't there at the best time of the day in
terms of sunlight but we made do...

Shuntavi Butte

We returned to camp where Martha dropped me off and she went shopping at nearby Cedar City, for groceries.

Not much got done otherwise in the afternoon, I did a minor repair to the left rear mudflap on the VRRV which had once again been found hanging by one screw!

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Escalante National Monument and T-Dub'ing in the Fishlake National Forest, Near Torrey, UT

Saturday, April 20

Martha and I drove the Honda CR-V (Wanda) down UT Highway 12, a designated scenic byway, towards the Escalante National Monument.

A brief stop at "The Hogback" for the above shot.

The rest of the photos for this post are screen captures from the footage shot by the car's dashcam.  Not too bad.  There are some really cool and colorful rock formations as one heads towards and through the Escalante National Monument enroute to its visitor center in the town of Escalante.

I've been in this area on previous trips and rides: LINK1, LINK2

Martha got her Parks Passport stamp at the visitor center and I wandered around reading info placards and admiring the giant lizard:

That'd be something, wouldn't it, 
if they were actually this large.

The drive back was without issue and without success in terms of securing pie at the Burr Trail Grill (they were out) and at the General Store and Bakery in Torrey, UT!

Sunday, April 21

A lazy morning where nothing was accomplished except for shots of nearby rock formations visible from the campsite:

After lunch, I rode out on Yagi, my Yamaha TW200 to explore the forest roads north and west of Torrey, UT which are in the Fishlake National Forest.  A short hop on UT24 and soon I was on dirt and having a good time.

I found a trail which led to the rim of the mesa I was riding on...

I wandered about, checking out trails, finding lone campers and generally enjoying the riding conditions.  Some spots were full of large rocks embedded into the trail but even those weren't too bad or technical.

Let's see, I check out parts of FR 146, 1597 and 1584.  The last trail took me further west to the vicinity of this cool looking rock formation:

Here's the best looking, IMHO, rock formation for this area.  There was a lone camping rig here, a converted FEDEX type panel truck, but I hid it behind the bush.

I made my way back to Torrey with only a couple of wrong turns.  Lots to explore in this area, will have to do more riding of it if ever camping in this area again.

I got back to camp with no issues, saw several rigs moving in trying to find themselves a spot.  Packed away most of the outside gear in preparation for displacing tomorrow.