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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Published on Fix.Com

Pretty much out of the blue, I got an email a month or more ago, from Jesse of  He asked if I was interested in writing for them and of course I said yes.

Several story ideas were submitted, and the first one they selected involved the concept of surviving the riding of a motorcycle in city traffic.  I based it on the training I've gone through since I started riding motorcycles and added in a heavy dose of personal experiences and observations.

In my present contract, I commute 45-50 miles a day in city traffic to/from Downtown Denver, not very enjoyable and definitely something that requires close attention!

The story had to be 1000 words in length, and at first I thought: "Wow, that's a lot of writing"!  Turns out, I generated over 1400 words total and still felt there was stuff missing from the article!

Oh, and yes, they do pay me to write these articles.  So along with exposure as a moto-writer, there's a little money to buy tires and gas.  Bonus!

My first article with is now online:

picture source:

The colorful graphics were generated by's in-house artist based on sketches I sent in along with the article.

Jesse also recently said they'd be interested in other articles as well, so we'll see how far this particular writing gig goes.