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Friday, December 25, 2020

Christmas Wishes and remembering Fiona

 Here's hoping you all had or having a great Christmas holiday, full of good health and cheer.

As to this post's title.....

Wish 1: 

Just a thought that popped into my head as I drove Martha's car to the VA Hospital's ER Room this morning to get a COVID-19 Test.  Why the test?  A requirement to show I'm healthy before undergoing my scheduled colonoscopy on Monday, courtesy of the VA.  HHJJ.

I wished that everyday, traffic would be as light as it was this morning, as I drove into Denver's eastern limits where the VA Hospital is located.  

I of course know this wish will not come true.....just too many people in this cesspool of a metropolitan area.

Wish 2: 

I'm wishing for continued good health to all I know, and that perhaps we're beginning to see the beginning of hopeful signs as vaccinations are started.

Wish 3:

No more motorcycle fires!

Here's some pics of Fiona from this remembrance.

Fiona, during 2020
If you don't see the video above, here's a link to youtube

So the developers at Blogger have struck again.  Unless you do the below for now, you can see the video box on my phone when using "view web version" but not "desktop site".  I can see the video box just fine using regular PC.  

I googled the solution:  Go into HTML editing mode and get ride of class="YOUTUBE-iframe-video"

Blogger's developers are sure NOT improving the interface!

Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Birds, Bugs and Bushings

 A pretty quiet day here in the desert.  

Some Gambel's Quails came by to check out the URRV but did not tarry.  Sorry but the camera in my Pixel 4a, as with most camera phones, is lacking when it comes to zoom function.  The below pic is shot at 2X zoom, I think its optical, but not sure.

As to bugs, there have been very few flies this time around, probably the cool temperatures at night killing off any remaining flies from summer/fall.  There are however, enough black beetles crawling around, to get one's attention when walking or sitting outside the URRV:

These beetles, when they detect your approach, freeze and stick their butt up in the air.  Not sure why but I'm guessing they will spray something at you from that end if they sense an attack.  I basically left them alone unless they were headed towards the URRV, in which case I scooped them up with a shovel and carried them away from the site.

As to bushings, I finally remembered to send some pics to RichardM to help me identify the rubber bits in the picture below.  Turns out they're the Sway Bar Bushings and while not exactly falling apart, should probably be replaced with newer/stronger ones.

I occasionally hear a metallic "klunk" while the URRV is moving and am hoping it's these bushings which appear to be quite "squashed".  I plan to work on replacing them when next I am home with the URRV.

Speaking of home, the plan now is to start heading back to Colorado as soon as this Friday/Saturday to take advantage of a period of "warm", snow-free, weather forecasted for my route back there.  I'll be taking the I-10/I-25 route through Albuquerque, NM...probably overnighting in BLM land near the town of Truth or Consequences, NM.

Before that, I have to turn in Fiona's title to the insurance office in Phoenix tomorrow and hopefully also have time to remove the gearbox and final drive from poor Fiona.  I'm hoping these components are salvageable and got permission from the insurance rep to do so.  The insurance settlement has been finalized, they await only the receipt of the title.

The amount of the settlement was higher than expected so that's good.  I'd still rather have Fiona in one piece and working but it is what it is.

Update: DEC 3

The process involved with just gaining access to Fiona at the Insurance Auction Yard run by IAA which my insurance company uses proved to be quite the PITA!  All this to access components whose condition might not be worth the time/effort to get into sellable condition.  I realized, afterwards, that I was just being greedy.  So, the effort to recover the gearbox and final drive is at an end.

I did get the title to Fiona dropped off though, it was of course on the opposite end of the Phoenix Metro Area but traffic wasn't bad at all.

I'll resume my drive back to Colorado tomorrow.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Fiona, thoughts after riding in Utah

Some thoughts and notes post-Utah riding:

Cathedral Valley: Temple of the Moon

Gobs of torque in all gears.  Addictive.  Smooth power delivery from the R80 Beemer engine.

Her stock engine belly pan is about an inch+ lower than a stock Ural's belly pan, this dictated taking less "technical" paths at times during the riding.  Hit the belly pan once, no issues except for a slight scar on one of the fins.

Experienced a dead battery due to the alternator not charging it while riding.  Turned out to be a loose ground wire in the connector going to the voltage regulator.  Confirmed it is a good thing to carry a small jump starter capable battery, and that she kick starts really easy when the engine is warmed up.

The battery issue led me to find a new issue.  Seems that the end of the adjusting screw on the clutch actuator lever had been impacting the battery case, and had slowly been gouging a hole.  Yikes!  In camp, I'd added some cardboard layers to elevate the new battery.  That kludge didn't last long so now I've added a couple of foam pads under the new battery, and now the adjusting screw hits the foam, not the battery.  It's something monitor though.

Foam pads to elevate and cushion the new battery
the rubber strap is used to secure the battery.

The Odyssey PC680 battery that came with Fiona was manufactured in 2016 so it "should" be OK, we'll see.

Not great MPG results when off-roading: 18-20.  No idea what paved road MPG is as I trailered Fiona to Moab.

The spare gas can mounted on the sidecar rattles!  I have to find a way to reduce the noise.

Her worn street tires, at first a source of concern when off-road, did great!  The easy power of 2WD on loose, deep sand enabled her street tires to cruise mostly effortlessly.  The one time she got really stuck, it was because the 2WD lever disengaged, must figure out a way to keep it in place when using 2WD.

The stock "tractor" seat is "OK", I think a bench style seat is in Fiona's future however.  I've ordered a generic set back pad for the pillion's grab handle assembly, as I keep hitting it with my lower back on rough terrain.

The 2014 Ural airbox I got for Fiona worked great, though I found the Ceet tubing to wear think in spots where my legs are, rather easily.  I've duct-taped the tubes for now.  No significant dust accumulation in spite of a couple of rather dusty rides.

Fiona got her left muffler knocked loose on a rock, a two-into-one exhaust system is definitely a plus when riding the rougher trails in the Moab area.

The occasion never came up to do an informal race against another URAL on the two long hills when riding from the town of Moab back to the campground.  I did see she could hold 60 MPH easily in fourth gear on said hills though; and she had more throttle to go.

The post on the spare tire holder, broke off while riding in the Mineral Bottom Road area.  Looks like it had been previously welded, but not done well.  I used some straps to hold things together for the ride back to camp.

Fiona seems a bit bouncier than Scarlett, I'll have to check out the shocks on her soon.  Perhaps get her the more updated shocks.

That's it though, she did great in the Moab area riding!  Moab tested and approved I believe.