Monday, June 05, 2023

Quiet Weekend at Lake Koocanusa

 Saturday, Jun 4

A short visit to the Libby Dam, we'd done the Dam Tour but no photos are allowed so the objective was to show you the mural that's mounted on the lake side of the Peace Tower which is the at the center of the dam.

A pic of the rigs from across the rive

The mural

Spillway view of the dam on a sunny day

closeup using CCjon's Coolpix Zoom Camera

While I was taking pics of the dam, I spotted an eagle and managed to get one semi-good shot:

I like the juxtaposition of angles

Sunday, not much got done, did ride with Martha to check out the "marina" to the north of us along highway 37.  There wasn't much to it, but it did have a small swim beach.

Monday, Jun 5

The Z's left today after lunch, we'll be meeting up with them again at the Glacier National Park, probably Wednesday.  

Here's Martha during one of several wifi-mooching sessions, using the Z's Starlink internet access as the Dunn Creek Flats COE campground doesn't have cell signal.

We went for a ride into the nearby town of Libby both to see the eagles of the "City of Eagles" and to look at Paul Bunyan's Frying Pan at the Heritage Museum.

I think we got pics of the two largest eagles....there's apparently a plethora of them in town by the same artist.

I posted the pics and posting from the Libby Dam Visitor Center BTW, as there was no signal at the camp.

Saturday, June 03, 2023

Now in Montana, after a day's riding in Canada

 Jun 01, Thursday

Martha and I rode Scarlett, my 2014 Ural Patrol across the border into Canada at the Eastport/Kings Gate border crossing.  We rode on Route 3A along the Kootenay Lake, enjoying the views.

Here's one of several small harbors along the lake:

We made it to The Glass House, a roadside tourist attraction.  The builder had been a funeral director who collected enough spent bottles of embalming fluid over the years to eventually build himself a house made out of said bottles!

More info on the castle-themed house here: LINK

Next, we drove over the 5km or so from the Kootenay Ferry's eastern embarkation point to a lighthouse for which Martha had spotted signage.

It was a good find.  We had access to the top of the lighthouse and the outside balcony.  Here's a pano view of the lake from the lighthouse on Pilot Bay:

Though surprised, we were pleased at the access we had:

It was about a 180 mile round trip but well worth it!  A quiet evening back at Lake Robinson finished off the day:

June 02, Friday

We displaced to the Libby Dam and Lake Koocanusa in Montana.  

While Martha relaxed at the Dunn Creek Flats COE campground, I checked out the eastern viewpoints to the Libby Dam nearby:

Got caught in the rain so I waited it out, mostly, under a gazebo at the top of the dam viewpoint.

Got back, slightly wet but safely. 

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Now in Idaho, boondocking with Martha

Yesterday, Martha flew into Spokane's airport and we drove to the Albeni Falls COE (Corps of Engineers) Campground about an hour away.  We did stop in Spokane to stock up on Martha-level provisions and booze.

We were joined there by the Z's after they'd done their errands within Spokane.

Nice little campsite with 14 spots, some of those for tents only.  Nice views of the lake created by the nearby dam.

Wednesday, May 31

We all left the COE campground before 9AM.  We'd set up a rendezvous for lunch less than 100 miles away at the "town" of Good Grief, close to the border with Canada.

Martha and I made a stop at the visitor center for the Albeni Falls Dam.  Most of the place was locked though the sign said open.  Oh well, a stroll down a path led to this view of the dam:

The other side of the railroad bridge

The name Good Grief was, basically, the draw for us.  It's basically one building, a cafe/bar.  We had us a nice lunch of pub food and then we went to a nearby USFS campground by Lake Robinson.  The sole criteria being that it was the closest one to the border with Canada.

Alcoholic-branded Moose

you could say, during lunch, the grouch population
was actually 2

Chris and Lori

I think the plan is to "dip our toes" in Canada tomorrow via sidecar riding by Martha and I.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Memorial Day Boondocking

Monday, May 29

Memorial Day, which took shape after the American Civil War is considered a day to honor those who were killed in or as a result of participating in battle.

Almost 32 years ago, I was part of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm....I count myself fortunate that my comrades in arms and I got through it with no casualties.  

Still, The Colors flew from the VRRV today to honor the fallen.

17 years ago today, I threw a leg over a motorcycle for the first time as a rider.  It was day one of the MSF Basic Rider Course, how time flies!

This means I've been blogging for almost 17 years, not that blogs are even on the general public's radar anymore.  Mine has truly become what the name implied: a Web-based Log.

Today's also day 14 of my stay at the Hog Lake BLM Dispersed Campground.  I leave tomorrow to pick up my loving wife Martha from the Spokane airport.

In the last few days, lots of resting and relaxing.  I did provide a bit of help to Chris as he replaced the motor on his Sherpa Winch.  I also helped Chris install new cameras to help Stewie's driver see all around.

Several fire pit sessions were enjoyed by Chris, Lori and I.  More to follow of course since we'll be camping with the Zs for a bit once Martha joins us.

Not a bad campground but probably won't return, not much to do around here really and the incidence of annoying people was rather high.