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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Farkle update for Vikki

The trip to Montana approaches and my Suzuki V-Strom Sidecar Rig, Vikki and I are looking forward to the 1300+ miles (one way) to Glacier National Park.  Last year's attempt to ride my Ural Sportsman Sidecar Rig, Natasha, to Monument Valley, AZ had ended in mechanical failure.

Among other things, that episode of mechanical reliability issues ignited thoughts which resulted in my acquiring Vikki and soon afterwards, mounting a Dauntless Sidecar onto her.

Today, it was blazing hot and sunny here in the Denver Metro area and I got my riding in early in the form of a run to the hardware store, with Martha sitting in the hack.  Got some materials for some chores at home and a couple of U-bolts that would help me secure a highway peg onto Vikki's subframe, on the left side of the tug.

I can rest my left leg on long rides with the above peg, I use the forward A-Arm
on the sidecar mounts for my right leg.

A Datel voltmeter, to monitor charging and voltage levels on 
the tug's battery.  I have about 145 watts to play with after the tug's needs
are taken care of.

Finally, in expectations of long stretches of straight super slab riding on
the way to Montana's NW corner, a Go Cruise Throttle Control
I got the 7/8" version, clipped it on nice and simple and so far it's working great.
More info on this farkle here:  LINK

All farkle installed, chores done around the garage, now just waiting for the heat of the day to die down towards evening for perhaps a sunset ride.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Topcase for Vikki the V-Strom

So the farkling continues on the new-to-me motorcycle, Vikki, the DL1000 Suzuki V-Strom.  Her first farkle was barbacks/risers to place the handlebar grips a bit higher and closer to me for the longer rides.

This week, the topcase I'd ordered from BestemUSA Motorcycle Accessories last weekend and it arrived on Thursday.  Installation was pretty straighforward on the V-Strom and the hardest part was mating a power lead wire to the brake light's power cable.  (not much room in the tail section of the V-Strom to move around in with one's hands).

The topcase is similar to the Givi topcase of similar dimensions.  It's also, based on my experience with the JC Whitney topcase, much superior to the Whitney knockoff.  For example, it comes with a built-in LED light which once you hook it up, lights up when you apply the brakes.  Hopefully it'll catch some unwary cager's attention.

Note the LED Brake Light above the chrome piece with the BESTEM logo

You can, supposedly, put two helmets inside but since I tend to ride solo when on two wheels, that's not a major issue.  I just needed something to stash the work laptop securely within during my commutes to and from work.  Strapping the laptop bad down on the pillion seat had become a bit of a chore and was causing some rub marks on the paintwork.

The "universal" mounting plate worked pretty well with the V-Stroms's cargo rack, and no cursing was involved so you know it was not hard at all to do.  Some drilling, some filing, swapping out the motorcycle's rear mounting bolts with the ones provided by BESTEM and it was all secure.

You can unlock and pop off the topcase in less than 30 seconds if needed, and you do have to remove the case when you want to remove the motorcycle's seat.

I hope to get in a good long ride tomorrow, so more scenic pictures hopefully to follow the below pictures.

 Vikki with her new topcase