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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Uraling to the Pacific Highway, after Alaska - Day 53: Chittenden Locks

Note: Absolutely zero moto content ahead.

After a pretty leisurely morning, where the highlight was repacking my rig one more time and studying with my oldest son Patrick for his Spanish final exam; it was time for an outing with the folks I was visiting.

I've known Jerry and Kelly since we were all students and fellow ROTC cadets at the University of Miami, Florida.  Their oldest daughter, Alexis, is my God-Daughter.  They've a total of three grown daughters, with the youngest working her way through college right now.

In the afternoon, we went to the Chittenden Locks that provide watercraft access to Lake Washington from Puget Sound.  Quite the nice place to go visit, see boats moving to and from, up and down the locks.  There's also fish ladders for salmon to swim into Lake Washington I guess, I wasn't too curious about those details in particular.

 A bit over-regulated perhaps?

 Boats about to exit a lock

 Fish Ladder

 Jerry and Kelly with yours truly

 Alexis, Jerry and Kelly
at their feet are their "poopies"
Snapple and Hashiko

 Railroad Drawbridge

 The view towards Puget Sound (I believe), from the base of the railroad bridge

After visiting the locks, we drove to nearby town of Ballard.  Kind of a yuppie enclave, full of slow-moving cars and lots and lots of folks enjoying the warm sunny weather here in the Seattle area.  Although we had some food at Ray's, our main meal was some delicious sandwiches from the Paseo Sandwich Stop.  

The #8, The Paseo Sandwich
Well worth the wait, but make sure you're really hungry!

No riding today, am planning to ride to the Pacific Coast Highway near Aberdeen, WA by tomorrow afternoon.  I hope to meet up with fellow URAL rider GlennandSun near Bremerton, WA and perhaps pose Valencia near an aircraft carrier or two.