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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Texas RV Trip - Brenham

No driving the RV today, it was Scarlett's turn to get some road time.

Martha, Scarlett and I rode out to the town of Brenham to the SE of Austin, it was the halfway point agreed upon by Martha and her friend Heidi who lives near Houston.

We got there a bit earlier than Heidi's family did so we took some time to tour the "Birthplace of the Texas Republic".  The visitor center at Washington on the Brazos, about 30 minutes from Brenham is located on the site of the old town of Washington on the Brazos where Texas' Declaration of Independence was signed.

We also checked out the home of BlueBell Ice Cream in Brenham

Sorry, but no real pics of the visitor center's contents were taken and the museum nearby appeared to be closed so we skipped it.

Returning to Brenham (the home of Texas Baseball according to a mural I saw), we got a text that Heidi and family were about an hour out so we walked around a bit near the town's main square.  It was a hot day, quite humid to our Colorado-accustomed bodies as well.  We did spend some time in this one Antique Shop but nothing was purchased.  However, as we left, we did spot this badly misspelled sign:


Heidi, Joel and their two sons: Ian and Colin showed up a few minutes after we'd secured a table at a small restaurant near city hall.  It was a late lunch but the conversation was good and everyone seemed to enjoy rekindling friendships.  Soon enough though, it was time to go.

 Martha and Heidi

 Colin, Heidi, Ian and Joel

Colin had asked for a ride in the sidecar so I took him around a few city blocks before depositing him safely back with his parents:

Colin with Scarlett and I

We said our goodbyes as it was getting late and we had more than a two hour ride back to Austin and they had at least that much of a drive back to their home near Houston.

We saw a pretty decently colored sunrise in the western skies as we motored our way along state highways and US 290 away from Brenham, towards Austin.  

It was a long drive home, once we lost the sunset.  Rural roads with very little artificial lighting but we made it back to the RV Park safely thanks to Martha's navigation/directions.

Note:  All pictures today are courtesy Martha, I didn't see much to take pictures of so far.