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Thursday, July 05, 2018

The Great Escape - Day 15: Touring Vancouver with Friends

4th of July

Quite the day of touring today, thanks to the tour guide efforts of both Sue and Yvonne.

Sue, a scrapbooking friend of Martha whom she met online; and Yvonne: Bobskoot's widow.  Both gave us great car tours of the Vancouver area.  Thanks Ladies!

In the morning, Sue picked us up early and we were at the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park as they opened at 8:00 AM to avoid crowds.  It was quite nice to not have a lot of people in the park, allowing us to wander slowly, enjoying the sights.

 Sue and Martha near the entrance to the
Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

 Walking among the tree tops

 A view of the several small bridges winding their
way through the trees.

 Banana Slug
This one was about six inches long.

 Park Map

 Cliff Side Walk

 Capilano Suspension Bridge

 Not too bouncy, unless more 
people were walking at the same time!\

 Mountie Bear

After the Suspension Bridge, we went to Stanley Park; named after the first Governor General for Canada.  We took in a horse drawn carriage ride of part of the park:

 A two horsepower carriage tour

The tour included a ten minute stop at a Totem Pole Park:

 Views of the Vancouver skyline from Stanley Park

 Statue of Olympian who simultaneously held the world
records for the 100 meter and 100 yard dash

After the Stanley Park touring, Sue drove us to Granville Island's market area where we had lunch and some wandering about the little shops.  It was starting to get crowded by the time we left, apparently it's a crowd control nightmare on the weekends!

 Cement Factory in Granville Island

Further car touring after Granville Island had us briefly at Jericho Beach where one can see distant mountain peaks and several oil tankers waiting to be filled up with crude oil.


Sue dropped us off at our hotel in mid-afternoon and soon after we met up with Yvonne who took us to meet her son Ryan and daughter Tami for dinner near Tami's place.

 An interestingly decorated car, Ryan apparently knew of 
the owner from local car clubs.

 Yvonne (center) and her "kids"
Ryan and Tami.

We were treated to a really nice dinner at a restaurant next to Kitsilano Beach, good conversation and much reminiscing about Bobskoot as we exchanged memories of him.

After dinner, after saying goodbye to her kids, Yvonne took us on a whirlwind evening tour of Vancouver.  She'd point out locations, comment on how things have changed, landmarks and regions of the city were pointed out and named.  Finally, she showed us this collection of strange looking statues:

A-maze-ing Laughter is the name of this exhibit.
The artist wanted to portray hysterical laughter.

Yvonne dropped us off at our hotel, a perfect end to a very full and nice day.

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

The Great Escape - Day 13 & 14 Traveling to Vancouver, B.C.

Not much to report for Monday.  The morning was spent prepping and packing for the next phase of the Great Escape: Vancouver.

We did pack Thing One onto a shuttle for the ride down to SeaTac Airport to catch a flight back to Colorado on his own.  First time he's flown by himself but since he turns 21 soon, we figured he could do it easily enough.  I'm happy to report no issues.

Tuesday, we experienced Amtrak's Cascade Line which we boarded at the Everett Train Station.  Not exactly timely when compared to say the German Train System but given its minimal support, not bad.

Martha found us the nearby Skytrain light rail station near the train station after we discovered a dearth of taxis.  It was the perfect choice as for less than $2 each, we got to right light rail stop, three stops away and walked the two blocks or so to our hotel, the Marriott by the harbour.

We wandered about the harbor area, exploring and seeing the sights.

 The Torch of the 2010 Winter Olympics

 Harbour Pointe Tower with
its rotating restaurant tower

 Seaplane Terminal

 Vancouver Sunset

Our Hotel

Tomorrow, we've plans to spend most of the day with a friend of Martha that she met online via scrapbooking interests.  Dinner will be with Yvonne Leong, Bobskoot's widow and family.