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Saturday, November 07, 2020

Uraling on the Moki Dugway

 One year, one month and two days ago, I had ridden Scarlett, my 2014 Ural Patrol Sidecar Rig to the Moki Dugway road for pics and while returning via the Valley of the Gods Road, her swingarm had cracked and deadlined her.  Link to that day's debacle: LINK

I am happy to report, there was no repetition of that problem today while riding Fiona, my '99 Patrol.

First though, a view of the camp as the sun made its way above the horizon, and briefly was able to shine through what would be an overcast morning:

It's less than ten miles to the base of the Moki Dugway, and I took highways all the way there.  As is my habit, I rode all the way to the top and would take pictures on the way down.

As opposed to the last time, I found a rough trail which allowed me to park above the Dugway and shoot the two following pictures:

Look closely at the center of the picture, is that an old wreck?

Yep, an old wreck, can't tell what it was though....can you?

Next I rode to the second large curve to the spot where one can park, walk a short distance and get a nice view of some of the switchback curves:

The Valley of the Gods in the distance

Note the square opening above Fiona, see the two figures there?
It was two Russian tourists who I briefly chatted with and told
them about the spot for pictures of the switchback curves.

The Moki Dugway isn't as dramatic, I think, as Shaffer's Trail in the Canyonlands National Park near Moab, Utah....but it'll do for today.

The weather and winds were picking up as I rode along the Valley of the Gods Road back to the campsite:

Got back to camp and the tent I'd put out as a placeholder was being pushed down by the increasing winds.  The whole area was under a Wind Advisory from the weather service and it made the job of taking down the tent quite difficult.  Nothing like getting sand-blasted while doing this!

Managed to get the tent and associated items in the leeward side of the URRV and got it all packed up easier, out of the wind as it were.

The rest of the afternoon was spent napping in a slightly rocking URRV, which is broadside to the winds coming from the South.

Here you can see the dust in the air as the winds continued their eons-long work of shaping the multitude of rock formations in this valley.

The weather is supposed to turn colder starting tomorrow so it'll be time to head a little further south I think, towards the Sunset Crater National Monument perhaps.

Friday, November 06, 2020

VOTG: Valley of the Gods, Day 3, a Sunrise and a hike

 No riding of motorcycles today, it was overcast the whole day and the sun barely showed itself for more than a few minutes in the late afternoon.  

Still, it did reach 70°F (21°C) by 3 PM which enabled me air up the tires with the air temperature at that point.  I'm going with 70 PSI vice 65 PSI to see how things go.

Today's sunrise prelude was quite nice and I managed to catch it in time for the most part.  It was a bit chilly at 40°F (4°C) but not too bad as there was no breeze.

The view from the top of the small hill that hides my campsite from
the Valley of the Gods road.

Once the sun was up, it was time for a few pics of the area and the campsite:

The Seven Sailors Rock formation

A bit later, closer to 11AM, the skies still heavily overcast but in the 50s in terms of temperature I decided to see what's on the other side of the rock formation called Seven Sailors.

It wasn't much of a hike, perhaps 1/4 to 1/2 mile tops though it was rough terrain with lots of sand and rock to make things interesting.

So, this is what the Seven Sailors looks like from the other side, I couldn't get a full profile as the rock formation actually bars the way in the way it's shaped.

Got some minor chores done in and around the URRV, some reading, some minor surfing but really a pretty low key day overall.  I'm thinking perhaps go explore the Moki Dugway again tomorrow but we'll see how the weather looks first.

Thursday, November 05, 2020

Cataloging possible campsites along the Valley of the Gods Road

 Soon after breakfast, with temperatures only in the mid-40s, I rode out on Yagi heading west on the Valley of the Gods Road to both get pics of rock formations while the sun was not too high in the sky; and to catalog possible future campsites suitable for Umarang's needs.

I believe this rock formation is called DeGaulle and his followers

The Lady in the Bath tub

I found and catalogued in my Pocket Earth GPS App about 7 sites that should be usable by Umarang in the future, should the need arise.  I quit counting the numerous turnout sites located on the side of the road since I wouldn't like them even though they're usable as campsites.

Returning to the campsite, I noticed a nearby site with a nice backdrop and more secluded was now available.  I left Fiona on the site to "claim it" and then walked back to the old campsite (less than a tenth of a mile I think) and proceeded to break down camp and move everything over to the new site:

That's the Seven Sailors Rock formation in the background, and yes I am copying the method used by squatters to "claim" a site and hopefully prevent someone setting up next to me.  It's either that or police barricades and the entrance was too wide for that.

So far, the campers I've seen in the area want lots of space around them, no one seems to want company and that's fine by me.

Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Boondocking in the Valley of the Gods, Utah

 Wednesday, November 4

Woke early and after a blah sunrise, I did take a picture of the floor of Cross Canyon as the rising sun started lighting it up:

I then drove about 2 hours to the Valley of the Gods and ended up in the same spot I used last time I was here.  Tell me, do the photos below tell other campers that this site is occupied and no room for more?

Later on, I rode Fiona over to Mexican Hat Rock for pics:

Turns out, there's a couple or so camping sites behind the Mexican Hat Formation, not much cell signal though and there's the constant traffic of folks taking pics of Mexican Hat Rock!

Next, Fiona and I rode over to Goosenecks State Park and though the lighting was quite flat due to the noonday sun, it was good enough:

Can you spot Fiona?

Bear's Ears Rock

Returning to camp, I stopped to pose Fiona in front of the Seven Sailors Rock formation:

I rested the afternoon away, and soon after 4PM, rolled out again towards Goosenecks State Park for the sunset, which  turned out to be blah and the lighting wasn't great anyways for the canyons, though it did light up Bear's Ears Rock nicely:

A quick ride over to Mexican Hat Rock:

Rode home in the gathering darkness with no issues and no campers trying to share my camping spot so it was a good day overall.