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Saturday, November 08, 2014

Stewie Sunset

A fine clear and sunny day here in Colorado where the temperatures reached the mid-60s!  We're definitely in an Indian Summer kind of weather pattern.

I was running an errand on Stewie, Martha's Genuine Buddy 125 Scooter.  I try to exercise Stewie when the riding to be done is just local to the neighborhood.

As I left the library where I was picking up a book for Martha, the sun was setting and I headed over to a local church's parking lot that has a nice view of the mountains.

As Colorado sunsets go, it wasn't the best one I've experienced but for today, it'll do.  Hope you got some riding in!

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Sunny Sunday Riding with Stewie

Spring may still be a few weeks off but you could swear it had arrived today in the great state of Colorado.

The morning and early afternoon were spent applying weatherproofing stain to the new gate we recently had installed for the back yard.  Now I can easily wheel the trailer onto the back yard, freeing up half a bay in the garage!

Three P.M. arrived and temperatures were in the high 60s (F) and Stewie begged me to take him out for a ride.  How could I say no?

Geared up, though I didn't wear the riding pants, just jeans.  First though, a peek at the snowy conditions we woke to on Saturday, as mentioned before, the snow didn't stick to the roads, mainly on the lawns and such.

Next, we wandered over to the Travois Development, stopping at the overpass stretching over the E-470 super slab on Ireland Street.

Mount Evans was pretty clear in the distance today, 
I of course, didn't have right camera with me.....

Transiting through the Travois development, I turned onto Inspiration Drive and headed east a short distance, turning south onto the ranching neighborhood to the south of Travois, it's name escapes me at the moment.  There's a spot near the junction of Forest Canyon Drive and Sand Creek Road which lends itself well to view of Mount Evans and nearby mountains.

Stewie of the West

I turned north towards home but first spent some time wandering about the grassland hills near the Aurora Reservoir.  Conditions were slight muddy at points but nothing Stewie couldn't handle with only the occasional use of my feet as outriggers.  The only bad thing was that swine are using the land as a dumping ground, a lot of swine by the amount of junk that had been dumped here and there.  Such a shame.

The Front Range Mountains from near the
Blackstone Country Club

After we safely got out of the grasslands and its muddy trails, Stewie and I headed for home using Smoky Hill Road briefly to get to a point west of Southlands Mall.  Then it was back roads all the way home, in great riding conditions; as evidence by the plethora of Harley owners riding about sans helmets or riding gear for that matter.

27 miles worth of exercise for Stewie, and a way for me to "rest" from weatherproofing the gate today.  That particular chore took about five hours.....I must get a paint sprayer for my next task, weatherproofing the small deck next to the kitchen.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Beer Babe

Some of you might recall I'd recently learned of the O'Dell Brewery offering Myrcenary Beer.  I'd even, before I ever tasted their brew, bought a wall tacker with the Myrcenary Beer Logo, though you must wonder why:

Yesterday, my better half, Martha was out grocery shopping on Stewie, here Genuine Buddy Scooter.  I was working on Valencia (adding a tachometer) and happened to see her whip around the corner at speed and cruise smoothly to a stop just a few feet from me; a big grin on her face.

Naturally, I attributed the big grin to the fact she was riding in beautifully sunny conditions.  Turns out, she was sporting her "Beer Babe" Grin.  For what did she have safely ensconced in the scooter's cargo compartment but this:


Note: The above picture was taken AFTER she'd shed all the 
protective riding gear she wears when riding.

I sit here, beer at hand, typing this out and thinking how tasty this beer really is.  What makes it better is how it came into my hand, isn't it?

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Exercising Stewie

Martha, does not seem to have caught the penchant to ride in the cold or iffy traction conditions that I tend to prefer riding in.  Go figure.

Alas, it's been a while since Stewart, or Stewie as she calls him, her 125cc Genuine Buddy scooter had gotten some exercise.  So after cleanup chores were done in the garage this morning, I took Stewie out for a ride in brisk low 30s temperature.  I did find its battery completely dead, apparently the key had been left in the "on" position.  This is actually something very easy to do, bad design on the part of Genuine's ignition keylock supplier in my opinion.  No problem though, I deployed the scoot's kick-starter and after a few kicks, was off and running.

I buzzed around the neighborhood roads, past the 1 mile mark where her high school is located where she works as the school nurse.  I continued northward on Picadilly, past the open fields and subsequent neighboring housing developments until I reached the Plains Conservation Center where I posed Stewie:

 There's predictions of snow for the metro area by tomorrow,
here you can see the incoming weather.

At the Plains Conservation Center

I then headed east towards Gun Club Road and took it past the Southlands Mall area to Smoky Hill Road which I took west towards the Blackstone Country Club area.  Stewie got a little taste of dirt trail riding as he somewhat bumpily (not much suspension on scooters) but we got to my usual picture taking spot with no issues.

Near the Blackstone Country Club

The incoming weather's clouds had by now completely obscured the view one can get of Mount Evans so I headed on home by back roads instead of Smoky Hill Road.  Even through the thick gloves I was wearing, I was starting to feel the cold in my fingers and so I only rode about 20 miles.

Still, that's about 10% of the total mileage on this scoot, so good exercise, and no need to put Stabil in the gas tank.  I'll just make it part of the monthly maintenance routine to ensure Stewie gets a few miles of riding in.