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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Logos from VintageMotos

A little bonus feature for you, my readers. Here's a mosaic of all the Motorcycle Marque Logos I photographed yesterday at the VintageMotos Museum.

Just click on the image and you'll be taken to for the larger versions if you wish to peruse them.

I don't think you have to create an account with but it's free so what the heck. is yet another online photo storage/sharing site on the Net.

The article which started this thread: Italian Iron Heaven is here in Denver.

Hope you like them.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Light from Heaven

The title of this post is what came to mind as I rode home yesterday evening. The light you see was breaking out from the gray skies above me.

I did not get to a good posing spot for Brigitta when the light was really the strongest but managed to catch a bit of it before it faded away:

Saint Brigitta, Patron Saint of Safe Riding

Moral of the posting? Always, carry your camera with you. Specially with charged batteries, mine died after I took the one shot above.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Golden Hour

Finally, something positive about all the overnight work I've been having to do lately as part of my consulting gig with United Airlines.

We're upgrading a lot of switches and routers and the work has to be done when it will not impact flights. So, I've been at Denver International Airport twice a week, from 11:00PM till about 5:AM in the morning!

This meant that dawn would be breaking and I got to enjoy the sunrise views.

Today, I was coherent enough to stop when the "Golden Hour" occurred. Photographers who've been around a while, done research or study, or just by dumb luck like me; know about the golden hour. This happens twice a day, assuming the weather cooperates, when the rising or setting sun illuminates everything with a golden yellow light. This light makes all colors seem richer and warmer, and usually results in some pretty good photos.

Part of the back roads I take to get to DIA, that's it in the far background

I left work too late to pose Maria, my 2004 R1150RT, against the red sunrise we had this morning but I hope you'll agree the above pictures taken during the golden hour made being up so early after working all night, somewhat worth it.

Friday, November 07, 2008

BMW's Vintage Motorrader Posters

While I had looked at them briefly before I got Brigitta, my 1987 R80 Airhead, I'd never really appreciated the look and style of the vintage posters put out by BMW extolling the virtues of their motorcycles.

The graphics of the day were limited and photography was not what it is today. The graphic artists of the day were not aided by computers and their special effects of today. In a way, that makes their product that much better in my eyes. See what you think, in no particular order, the results of searching on Google Images:

Riding gear sure has changed since then!

So that's what the well-dressed girl of yesterday wore when going sidecar riding!

I am so glad helmets have progressed since the above model!

A bit Teutonic in their demeanors but after all it is a German company!

A precusor of today's ads with scantily-clad girls draped over modern motorcycles

A copy of this hangs in my own garage

Hope you enjoyed the fruits of my searching on Google. I am sure the graphic artists engaged to show off Ducatis and Nortons were just as talented, all you have to do is your own searching, I am after all Beemer-biased on this blog.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

LINK: Motorcycle Ads from the Past

I saw this posting while perusing past blog postings on Mike Werner's "Bike in the Fast Lane" blog about Motorcycle News. It's one of my daily reads, this site. LINK

The posting that caught my eye was the link to a website where the author has posted scans of cool motorcycle ads from 1971-1972. Makes me kind of wonder why today's ads are not as cool, perhaps the fact that I am beemer-biased and most of the time BMW's advertisers really don't cut it in my opinion. The BMW ads on this site really do their job well, that is, making you want to go and ride one of these motorcycles!

Wunderbike....such a pretty motorcycle

There's other marques on the above link, worth taking a look if you've lusted after Nortons, BSAs, and older versions of several Japanese brands.

The Norton Commando, beautiful motorcycle don't you think?

A Bonny, another example of rolling art. Too bad the British motorcycles of this era had a bad reputation for leakage and dependability, still, very nice to look at.

Now, having gone to the site link above, I invite you to this site where the author has collected what he terms "Late '70s BMW Motorcycle Ephemera". LINK

It's a large collection of sales brochures, magazine ads, magazine reviews/tests and other such material. There's some really cool ads on this site as well, here's one of my favorites:

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Motorcycles in Watercolor

A recent commentator on one of my postings has this interesting blog site featuring a lot of artwork, some of it is apparently his own apparently since he's placed watermarks on them. The site is in French but art is art.

He had this one of a Beemer R100S which I thought was pretty cool:

LINK to above graphic's blog posting

His site is not only motorcycle art but he's got them categorized if that's what your orientation is when you visit his site. It's worth a visit, it's not only Beemers that's he's pictured, other marques as well are rendered.

I've always like this type of drawing/painting, also on the Turboflat blog.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Brochure Pictures

My wife calls them "shiny papers", those spiffy glossy brochures one finds at the motorcycle dealer which try to convince you that you need to buy their wares.

While perusing the site which I stumbled upon recently, I found a softcopy of BMW's 2003 Brochure for my motorcycle.

The below picture is so well done, portrays my motorcycle and the rider in such a great way, that I probably would have had serious thoughts of buying a motorcycle had I been at the dealers back in 2003! : )

Coincidentally, I ride with a light gray/silver jacket/black overpants in the summer and I'd like to believe I look at least half as studly as the rider depicted below! Yeah, I know, dream on.....

Monday, June 11, 2007

A Maria Mosaic

As I am wont to do, I check in at my loving wife's blog on a frequent basis to see if I am in trouble or not or to catch up on the latest neighborhood doings.

What do you know, she surprises me by posting a mosaic of pictures of my motorcycle that she got from this blog!