Saturday, September 20, 2008

Motorcycles in Watercolor

A recent commentator on one of my postings has this interesting blog site featuring a lot of artwork, some of it is apparently his own apparently since he's placed watermarks on them. The site is in French but art is art.

He had this one of a Beemer R100S which I thought was pretty cool:

LINK to above graphic's blog posting

His site is not only motorcycle art but he's got them categorized if that's what your orientation is when you visit his site. It's worth a visit, it's not only Beemers that's he's pictured, other marques as well are rendered.

I've always like this type of drawing/painting, also on the Turboflat blog.

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xobule said...

Thanks for the post, I'll try to write in english!
I went to Denver, Colorado twice and I enjoyed it very much!