Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Thermometer for Brigitta

Today I stayed close to home in the couple of rides I made on Brigitta to just enjoy the warm fall day we had here in Colorado. I got her a cheapie digital thermometer which I waterproofed and mounted with a plastic clip onto the inboard end of the left hand control unit on the handle bar. I don't expect to be riding Brigitta in really cold weather since she's really got very little in terms of wind protection; however it'll be nice to be able to tell what temperature it is while riding.

Not very pretty but hopefully weatherproof

Maria's Thermometer, which I'd gotten months ago

At $11, it's a cheap farkle that adds function. If it doesn't work out or I tire of its appearance, not much lost. Yeah, I went a bit overboard with the waterproofing of the unit on Brigitta but its in a much more exposed location than the one on Maria. It uses a remote probe to sample temperatures so the sun hitting the display does not cause an erroneous reading as it would with regular motorcycle thermometers.

I got the thermometer both times from the local PetsMart. LINK

On a different note, I've posted pictures before of the "Golf Ball". A landmark near my home neighborhood which I see often from a distance as I return home from a ride.

I got this picture of Brigitta next to the structure which I believe houses a weather radar for the region. It makes for an interesting backdrop anyways.

Not much of a blog posting I'll admit but couldn't stray too far from home today. It's the first day after the start of a major mainframe migration from Denver to Atlanta by Travelport and United Airlines and we're going into troubleshooting shooting mode starting today. The next four weeks or so could prove interesting.

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Anonymous said...

When you open the door to get the morning paper and go "oooh, its cold out", THATS when to stop riding the bike