Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Demo Fleet's in Town

I stopped by the BMW of Denver dealer yesterday and saw that the demo fleet of Beemer bikes was already parked by the truck that brought them to town. The truck and its attached canopy was still being set up for today's Demo Ride day.

This is where all the models currently on sale by BMW are available for test rides to anyone who shows up. I'd planned on signing up for a test ride of a 1200GS and a 800GS but work interfered and I got there late in the afternoon today after all the rides had been given out. Oh well.

Yesterday day, I had all the bikes to myself for a brief while and I got permission to throw a leg over anyone I chose. I naturally tried out the seat on the F800GS, man it was tall, I barely touched the ground with the balls of my feet and I have a 33 inch inseam!

On the R1200GS I did better, about the same as when sitting astride Maria, my R1150RT. The 1200GS felt massive under me though. I lastly tried sitting on the F650GS and it felt about the same as the 1200GS, just a bit less heavy.

The Demo Fleet

"Unstoppable" the theme of the mural on the side of the truck's trailer

There were the rest of the models as well but I'd no real interest in the RS or the LT models and passed them by.

Just as well I took the below pics, all the bikes were out for test rides by the time I managed to get away from work and swing by the dealer's lot today. The demo rides are a one day thing, the truck leaves tomorrow or maybe even tonight. Oh well, it'll be back I'm told.

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