Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's Progress I guess

Back in September of 2007, I found out about and blogged about D30 and their "reactive" armor product. See LINK.

It's been a year now and finally a couple of manufacturers, one is French and the other markets only to Law Enforcement, are coming out with rider gear which incorporates this wonderful D30 armor for rider protection in the event of a crash.

I've high hopes that more manufacturers will start incorporating this stuff into their gear selection. While I do ride presently with Cycleport's highly protective Kevlar Mesh jacket and pants, if I can replace their armor pads with this D30 stuff, I'll be even better protected!

I plan to check out the French site: LINK in the coming weeks and see if they also sell the armor pads separate from their line of rider clothing. I took a brief look at their current offerings, the stuff is not cheap, on par with the stuff from Cycleport but I guess quality comes at a price. You can also buy elbow/knee pad armor from these guys: LINK, perhaps I could then remove the armor and place it into my Cycleport gear? Hmmm....

Go here to see the D30 newsletter in full: LINK

Here's an excerpt:

cost: 589 Euros or $830 at today's exchange rate.....not cheap

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