Thursday, October 02, 2008

A Winter Mileage Contest for BMWMOA Riders

I saw this announcement on the BMW Motorcycle Owners Association (BMWMOA) site last night, sounds interesting and I plan to register both my Beemers of course. Registration opens on 13OCT08, the start of the contest period and ends on 10APR2009. Here's the announcement: LINK

It's called the Bavarian Black Ice Run (BBIR) and its open to members in good standing of the BMWMOA.

There's four classes of competition: Sport Rider, Classic Rider, Daily Rider and Touring Rider. I plan to compete in the Daily Rider Class. It's all a friendly competition with not much bureaucracy that I can discern. Should be fun.

Here's Maria, December of 2006

Ride Safe and stay warm, see you on the road!

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irondad said...

Good luck. Remember, the Black Ice is just part of the name. The object is not to go out and find the real stuff!