Wednesday, October 08, 2008

LINK: Motorcycle Ads from the Past

I saw this posting while perusing past blog postings on Mike Werner's "Bike in the Fast Lane" blog about Motorcycle News. It's one of my daily reads, this site. LINK

The posting that caught my eye was the link to a website where the author has posted scans of cool motorcycle ads from 1971-1972. Makes me kind of wonder why today's ads are not as cool, perhaps the fact that I am beemer-biased and most of the time BMW's advertisers really don't cut it in my opinion. The BMW ads on this site really do their job well, that is, making you want to go and ride one of these motorcycles!

Wunderbike....such a pretty motorcycle

There's other marques on the above link, worth taking a look if you've lusted after Nortons, BSAs, and older versions of several Japanese brands.

The Norton Commando, beautiful motorcycle don't you think?

A Bonny, another example of rolling art. Too bad the British motorcycles of this era had a bad reputation for leakage and dependability, still, very nice to look at.

Now, having gone to the site link above, I invite you to this site where the author has collected what he terms "Late '70s BMW Motorcycle Ephemera". LINK

It's a large collection of sales brochures, magazine ads, magazine reviews/tests and other such material. There's some really cool ads on this site as well, here's one of my favorites:

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Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Dom):

I took my time looking at these ads and I thought this was a damn clever piece in your repertoire. I am Beemer-biased too, to a degree. But I think it more because of the people I have met as opposed to the machine. Though I have to tell you, I really have as thing for K75s.

Thank you for posting this.

Jack Riepe
Twisted Roads