Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cold and Windy = Primo Motorcycle Parking @ Work

Today in the Denver Metro Area, the forecasted high is 41F°, and it was in the mid to high 30s on the way in to work. The sun was out in force though and kept the bite of the windchill from being too nasty.

We also got a High Winds warning from the weather guessers and they were mostly right, it was windy but not really bad at all.

Roads were dry and so I rode of course. The weather forecast was dire enough I guess to keep most of the motorcyclists I see on my regular commutes from riding which is too bad since it really was a pretty good day for it.

I had to be at both data centers today, and in both parking lots it appears Maria, my 2004 R1150RT, was the only motorcycle. Here's a picture of her at what's considered the prime parking spot among the 4-5 motorcycle riders who commute to work at the United Flight Training Center and park on the west side.

You usually have to get in before 0700, probably earlier, to get this spot which is closest to the building where my cubicle is located. It's got to be pretty cold for me to find it open for my use as I don't get in to work early enough to snag it on a regular basis. : )

So, yeah, there's benefits to riding in the cold!

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Doug C said...

I find it amzing how brilliant sunshine always makes the ride seem about 10ยบ warmer. Don't tell the other riders in your neck of the woods about that secret and you'll snag that parking space more often!