Saturday, October 25, 2008

BMW Motorrader

My loving wife got me a BMW Motorrader or "motorcyclist" T-shirt for my 49th Birthday. That and a new battery for my 1987 R80 and the boys got me a 1:24 Scale Diecast model of a Daytona Orange R90S. I'd blogged about the last two items, the t-shirt was a surprise.

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If you do the coversion, it's almost 102mph....back in 1952, that was fast. Present day, heck even my 1150RT can do that! Of course, the R68 was a much smaller engine, 680cc vs my 1150RT's 1149cc's.

Here's a link to the specs on a R68, near as I can figure it, it only had 35 HP at 7000 1150RT has 98 HP at 5000 rpm. So when you compare it realistically, the R68 that made the record back in 1952 was truly "the fastest motorcycle in the world". LINK

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