Friday, October 24, 2008

Transporting Skis on your Motorcycle

Temperatures in the high 40s on the way into work, rode Brigitta to see how the windchill would affect me this time now that I was wearing appropriate layers. Judgement: No problem! Only small issue: cold air blowing into my helmet, will have to noodle on that for a while.

As I rode into work this morning into United Airline's Flight Training Center, I wandered over to the East parking lots to see if the Airhead GS I see once in a while was there.

Instead I found this tough looking, well used, 1150GS Adventure:

So, what's that pink, narrow board-like object on its right side you ask? It caught my eye as well the first time I rode by the GS and caused me to return for pictures. It's a ski!

Now is that cool or what?!?

Can you imagine the looks on the other skier's faces when this GS and its rider show up at the resort? My guess is he skis in his riding gear and just needs to swap his riding books with ski boots once he's there!

Here's a closeup of the hardware/straps holding the ski to the motorcycle. No bindings on it, perhaps he's just transporting it to the ski shop?

A clever adaptation for carrying those ackwardly sized objects, don't you think? It looks like he's using the right passenger peg for one strap anchor point and a tube secured to the cargo rack as the rear mounting point.


Jodie said...

Redleg's: Love the post. Linked to it from our trip-blog WeRoam. (

We're in New England, and my boyfriend is always joking about taking his Bandit when we go skiing. Now I know he'll try this!

Charlie6 said...


thanks for the comment, you do realize that if Darek does this rig, you'll lose the right passenger peg?

this means you'll have to get your own bike, which is not a bad thing.....

SheRidesABeemer said...

Did you leave a Rounder card, we need to recrute him/her! Nice find.

Charlie6 said...

rounder card? I should get myself some I think.