Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hoar Frost Scenes on a Gray Sunday

We had gray overcast skies hanging over us here in the Metro Denver area this Thanksgiving Weekend, with temperatures in the low to mid 20s farenheit, and with my FIL visiting from Arizona; it didn't make for long distance riding opportunities.

Today, Sunday, while my FIL and my loving wife Martha went to the Rec Center to exercise; I went out for a short spin in the same neighborhoods where I got the pictures for the Frosty Scenes posting previous to this one.

Temperatures were in the low 20s as Scarlett and I rode along all warm and snug in my riding gear.

To my delight, the cold temperatures had preserved some of the hoar frost on the trees in the area, though it wasn't as thick as before.

The solid gray skies overhead made me feel like we were riding inside a snow globe for which the contents haven't been shaken up.

Still, we meandered about on mostly snow-covered dirt roads and took in the sights:

In the neighborhood prior to the one I used for pics previously, the
view of the road ahead inspired a stop

The fellow above and his partner dog, were losing the minds running
back and forth along the fence line and barking while I took the picture.

Motoring just a few miles further east, I was once again in the ranching neighborhood that provides scenic spots for photos.  I started with a nicely laid out driveway which I'd been unable to photograph due to the sun's position on the previous occasion.  That's one thing about overcast skies, it makes picture taking simpler in terms of lights and shadows.

Next, just a short distance away, the copse of hoar frosted trees were still waiting for someone to come along and photograph them.

The last shot of frozen leaves, was taken at the spot above.  The rich brownish color encased in ice caught my eye, I hope you like it.

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Frosty Scenes

Black Friday, the day when crazed consumerism apparently hits its peak as crowds supposedly flood the local malls and stores in search of perceived "bargains".

Scarlett and I, instead, elected to pursue frosty scenes courtesy of the snow fall we had overnight and the freezing mist that had preceded the snow.

It was a brisk 6ºF (-14 ºC) as we headed out of our snow-covered neighborhood and towards the nearby ranching community to see what we could see.

Pretty soon I'd escaped suburbia and entered a much more serene and nicely snow-covered area where I tend to take pictures while remaining close to home.

I really liked the Hoar Frost on the below tree, and the sun cooperated by highlighting it nicely:

On a day with less clouds along the front range mountains, one would be able to see Mount Evans in the shot below:

Leaving the area, I spotted the fellow below watching me warily as I waited for an opening in the traffic pattern:

Scarlett and I went over to the back area of the Blackstone Country Club for the shot below:

A look at County Line Road south of the Blackstone Country Club and east of the junction with Elbert Road:

By now, temperatures had soared into the 20s Fahrenheit so it was time to mosey on home after tanking up.  Traffic was picking up in the mall areas as expected but I made it home with no issues except for one idiot cager in the Safeway parking lot who thought she had to take up both lanes.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Another Beautiful Colorado Sunset

Beautiful weather conditions yesterday, all day, for us in here the Metro Denver area.  It got to the mid-60s Fahrenheit!

Work was one small hassle after another, leaving me in a somewhat sour mood by the end of the day.

4:00 PM came and went and there was mention of a beautiful sunset in the making by the weather guy on the TV.

Wasting no time, I geared up, and Scarlett and I motored to our usual spot for capturing the beautiful sunsets that Colorado tends to have.

I must say, the colors were so good tonight, that of the 91 pictures I took as the sun set into the western horizon, it took me quite a while to whittle it down to 19 candidates, of which the six below made it to the final list.

I hope you like them.

So, in order, as the sun slowly left us here in Colorado:

 -0.3 F stop

 -0.7 F Stop

 -0.7 F Stop

 -1.3 F Stop

 -0.7 F Stop

-1.0 F Stop

Note: the only post-processing done was using the "auto" feature of google photos and cropping.  No further tweaking was done by yours truly.  I didn't see the need, you see.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Views of Snowy Mount Evans

Mount Evans, is the tallest mountain amongs the range of mountains visible to us here in the Metro Denver area.  It towers over the other mountains due to its proximity to us and is a handy guide as to which direction is west when the skies here are clear.

Yesterday, Sunday, Scarlett and I motored out on mostly dry roads towards the ranching neighborhood where one usually finds good views of snow-clad terrain and on a clear day like today, nice views of Mount Evans.

 The "usual" view of Mount Evans from the Ireland Street Overpass
of the E-470 Tollway

We took Ireland Street through the Travois Neighborhood, enjoying the views of snow covered fields and houses whose roofs were still covered mostly with the recently fallen snow.  Soon, we were at the junction with Inspiration Drive and we headed north.

Recently, within the last couple of months anyways, they've made a somewhat radical change to what used to be arrow-straight Inspiration Drive.  Near some new housing developments, they blocked the direct way and instead force the traffic around a big roundabout.  At first I found this a bit irritating but today I realized this construction had also created a small, paved island, where one can pose one's rig with Mount Evans in the background.

Here's Scarlett sitting pretty on what is known now as Inspiration Place:

Leaving Inspiration Place, I went over to the ranching community for the usual shot of Mount Evans, using the telephoto lens to "bring in" Mount Evans.

Temperatures had started in the 40s at the beginning of the ride and had soared into the low 50s by now.  I had to remove a couple of layers and then proceeded on home for lunch.

Not a bad way to spend part of a quiet Sunday morning.