Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rainy Ride

Ever since I started this job which is 100% work from home, I've ridden less as I no longer commute to/from Downtown Denver.  I don't miss that one bit, by the way.

So, it was time yesterday evening for a ride, in spite of the " fair to middlin' " amount of rain falling, the flash flood warnings in the metro area and temperatures in the low 60s.  Actually, the temperatures were fine, just had to turn on the heated grips about 15 minutes into the rainy ride as my hands were soaked, since my riding gloves weren't waterproof.

It felt good, riding in the rain, getting the riding gear washed since what seems like a long time since I last washed it, and enjoying the feel of the rain cooling things off.

I spent perhaps 30 minutes just riding up and down Gun Club Road, looking for the low points on the road hoping for water puddles to splash through.  Alas, the road builders must be getting better at their craft, the usual spots were not flooded.  Oh well.

The rain did get pretty heavy for about ten minutes of riding but no issues for Scarlett and her three-wheeled grip on the pavement.  We even rode down the same dirt trail we used in the previous posting; it was now muddy and wet and I could feel the pusher tire losing grip slightly sometimes, but nothing to be concerned about.

The rain became just a sprinkling by the time I took the above shot, no sunset pictures today....

Got home, the riding gear washed up and now hanging out to dry on hooks in the garage.  Good ride in a nice cool rain, such is wet weather in Colorado.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dawn Patrol

I woke early this morning in order to catch the sunrise, took my 2014 Ural Patrol: Scarlett and headed for a nearby dirt road that links Gun Club Road and Picadilly Road.

I got there soon after the first rays of light warned of the impending approach of the sun.

Over the next 40 minutes or so, I took many pictures; moved Scarlett around a couple of times and enjoyed the quiet solitude of an early Sunday morning.

 Our shadow, racing us home...

Our shadow won the race...

This post is dedicated to the memory of Rachel, Bluekat and Ron's daughter with the strong fighting spirit, who recently lost her fight with cancer.  Martha and I hope their grief is short-lived and their happy memories of Rachel are ever-lasting.

Here's a pic of the first time I met Rachel...

Rest in Peace, Rachel....

Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Final Drive for Scarlett = Clean Pusher Wheel

URAL has come through again in terms of backing their product.

Apparently, several of the first batch of rigs produced for the 2014 model year, of which Scarlett is one, had a manufacturing/design defect where the seal for the drive-shaft U-Joint mounts on the final drive.

URAL investigated this and shortly came out with this tech bulletin to its dealers:  LINK

Randy, the owner of Unique Rides, my URAL dealer in Fort Collins; ordered me a replacement FD and it arrived this week.

Rode up to Fort Collins yesterday and Randy replaced the Final Drive with the new one.  The old, will be shipped back to URAL to be rebuilt/repaired to correct specifications.

All this, under warranty coverage!  Only cost to me was time/gas to ride up and back to/from Fort Collins.

Though Randy also cleaned up the wheel as part of the exchange, I went ahead and detailed it some more after I got home.  I look forward to the pusher wheel remaining clean, at least, until the next time Scarlett and I hit the dirt!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hot Day, Warm Sunset

We're having rather hot temperatures this weekend, pretty much dissuading me from doing any real riding.

Temperatures finally dipped into the low 80's near sunset and I headed out with Scarlett to catch the sunset.

Turns out, the spot I parked Scarlett at, one of the usual spots for sunset pictures, is near a local geocache.  I looked for quite a few minutes and even though it was rated "easy", I failed to find it.  Oh well.