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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Skyline Drive Memories

Many is the time that I've ridden one of my motorcycles over to CaƱon City, Colorado with the express purposes of enjoying the riding and scenery of nearby Skyline Drive.

Created by prison labor I read somewhere, it is laid astride a hogback ridge next to the town itself.

All paved, but a bit narrow, it's a one-way road which one can take to enjoy the scenery or to dare the fates as the edges of the road are quite near.

It's a nice little road to ride when in the area; whether visiting the state's prison museum or a few miles down the road, the Royal Gorge Bridge.  

US Highway 50 goes right by Skyline Drive if one is crossing the state in a more sedate manner than the super slab known as I-70 further to the north of the state.

Here's a compendium of photos from some of the rides I've done over the years:

Some of you may have missed it when I first published this video of riding this neat road.

Just a ride down memory lane.