Friday, October 24, 2008

LINK: 8K gets you a pretty decent commuter Electric Motorcycle

Now this seems like a workable option for those of you who ride and commute to work within the range of this new electric puppy:


Wow, weight is 285lbs including 90lbs of battery!

Excerpt: Boasting a 60-70 MPH top speed and 35-60 mile range, the sleek little bike just might be the perfect commuter ride, and the $8,000 pricetag is much more palatable. The bike can charge in about four hours, or 1.5 hours with an optional speed charger. Even better, the bike is modular in nature, which means you'll be able to swap in a better power system once one comes along with a minimum of hassle.

More info and pics here at's article on the e-bike.

Manufacturer's website: LINK


Derek said...

Looks like a great option for in-town riding. The idea of being able to upgrade the battery technology when a more advanced level is created is very appealing. And it doesn't look half-bad either.

michael said...

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