Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Leaking Oil Pressure Switch Replaced on Brigitta

I'd noticed, upon my return from Wyoming, a small pool of oil under Brigitta's centerstand's left foot. Not good. Oil was flowing down the leg and onto the ground.

I made a close inspection of her yesterday and it seemed like two possible spots. I saw oil drops hanging from the wires connected to the the Neutral Sensor Switch under the transmission housing and some seepage evidence on the frame portion under the Oil Pressure Switch.

Of course, since the Neutral Sensor Switch showed more oil accumulation underneath it, I concentrated on that. It was incredibly hard/ackward to get a 19mm Open End Wrench on it but I managed after loosening the rear mounts for the exhaust pipes. I could not get it to move so figured it was tight enough. I did not try applying a lot of pressure since I did not want to strip the nut on the sensor!

So, in an effort to get clear diagnosis of the problem. I sprayed down the sensor and the surrounding areas with carb cleaner/engine degreaser and hosed it down thoroughly with water. I cleaned off the area as much as I could then placed a paper towel right under the sensor to check in the morning for new leakage.

I also cleaned off the area under the Oil Pressure Switch and the switch itself just in case.

I woke this morning and checked, no evidence of leakage! Strange. There was, however, evidence of new seepage on the Oil Pressure Switch's electrical connector. Hmmmm.

Rode Brigitta to work and checked out both spots once I parked her. I lucked out and saw an actual drop of oil roll off the electrical connector on the oil pressure switch! Aha, I said, there's the damn leaker.

Got a replacement unit for $10 from the dealer on the way home and here's photos of the before and after shots. I had to buy a deep well 15/16th inch socket to remove/install the switch by the way. I lucked out, Advance Auto Parts was having a clearance sale on their AMPRO brand tools and they were 5o% off! I got both the 15/16ths and the 1 and 1/16ths (very close to a 27mm) sockets for less than $10 together! I'll be using the 1 and 1/16ths for the swingarm nuts some day when I do the lubing of the splines on the transmission.

Above is the old switch and the new socket

The hole where the switch goes, I lost just a few drops of oil, a mere dribble came out when I took the old switch off.

The new switch, all snugged up

Removal and installation could not have been simpler. I started the engine and checked for leaks and there were none, I will ride with the wrench tomorrow though just in case. : )

Now to monitor her for leakage for the next few days. I am keeping the old switch as a "spare" since it might have been just the failure of the crush washer it came with that caused the leakage.

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