Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another Harley Rider joins their ranks

No, not me..... but the title got your attention didn't it?

One of my ex-co-worker friends from my IBM days, John, a re-entry rider after approximately 20 years pause, bought himself a really good looking Harley Davidson motorcycle. An Ultra Classic I believe though I confess not much knowledge on the various HD models and their differences.

It's a big bike with full fairings to include movable air deflectors and lower fairings as well. We went during lunch today and he picked himself up some good leather gloves and a Shoei full face helmet so that was good. He's also planning to take the Basic Rider Course through the MSF as well so I was glad to hear that.

While I am not ever likely to own a Harley-Davidson, I still like their lines and looks.

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