Monday, September 08, 2008

Maria goes without her cases as well

So, wishing to give equal time and attention to Maria, my 2004 R1150RT Beemer. I removed her system cases last night and mounted back up the trunk from JC Whitney which is a Givi knockoff.

Coincidentally, I discovered tonight that removing the system cases from either Maria or Brigitta amounts to the same amount of saved weight: 17lbs. The JC Whitney trunk weights perhaps 8 lbs (I didn't remove it to weigh it, too much work since I'd secured it).

Rode Maria to work tonight as the high was only in the low 50s and the skies were overcast with high humidity. A bit chilly on the way in but no problems with a motorcycle such as Maria and her full fairings.

I had thought about buying another small tailbag like I got for Brigitta but since I already had a trunk for Maria, did not seem right to my cheap alter ego.

As with Brigitta, the trunk carries minimal essentials, my tire plugger kit, wet weather gear, air compressor plus extra tools. Oh, and I removed the tankbag with all the electronics and such, it only comes into use on long trips. Probably another 4-5lbs weight savings.

She does look a bit slimmer don't you think, sitting prettily in the falling light of the late evening?

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