Tuesday, September 09, 2008

S Fairing Project - Done for Now

I found some suitable plastic material to try and fabricate the missing upper trim on the S fairing I installed on Brigitta, my 1987 R80.

As before, BMW Purists just hit your back button as what I did will surely offend your sensibilities.

A bit of cutting/trimming/sanding and such and I had myself two plastic pieces which I believe marginally make up for the missing portions of the S fairing. You may have read that I bought it with the upper "ears" trimmed off by two owners ago so that they'd not interfere with the bits of the motorcycle on the handlebar. You're supposed to use the European or Low Bars for the S fairing, in my case with my US or "high" bars, the trimming worked out fine for me except for the aesthetics.

I painted the pieces, and affixed them to the trimmed ends of the fairing with some black duct tape for now to see if I can live with it. No sense making it permanent yet, eh?

As you can see, when you take a look at the work closeup, it's obvious what I cobbled together. From a distance though, and specially if the motorcycle is moving past the viewer, I am thinking it does a good job:

So anyways, any feedback on this work would be appreciated. It looks "ok", better than without the plastic trimming. It'll probably do for now till I've a better idea or way to do the same thing.


Unknown said...

Your fairings interference with the controls is a common problem when trying to mate a stock "S" fairing, designed for use with "S" bars, to a bike with somewhat high bars.

Seibenrock (http://www.siebenrock.com/) actually sells a version of the "S" fairing that is designed to solve this issue without cutting anything up.

Another solution would have been to install a set of 3" rise bars. higher than the "S" bars but lower than what you're using.

Everythings a compromise!


Unknown said...

Anyway, you did a nice job with what you had to work with!