Sunday, September 07, 2008

1978 R80 Beemer for Sale

No, it's not Brigitta, she's a 1987 R80. The one for sale is from 1978.

Joe, a friend of a previous neighbor of mine whom I met while helping said neighbor load up the moving van to move to Missouri has his up for sale soon.

He brought it on by today to get my opinion on her worth and condition. Not sure how I qualified in his eyes as someone who'd know anything like that but I gave him my honest opinion anyways.

The engine sounds really smooth, a bit quieter than my own R80 I'd say. The carbs seemed in good shape as was the rest of the motorcycle. She's definitely a rider, not a showroom specimen. After a brief lookover, she needs a good cleaning up/detailing and perhaps the removal of the Luftmeister fairing which has seen better days.

He's selling it because he rarely rides anymore and needs to make room in his garage for his next project, a tricked out cruiser truck to parade down the boulevard. He's going to be putting it on soon for $2700 I think. I can't remember the mileage now but I think its around 17k, so pretty low mileage for a Beemer Airhead.

She's recently had all her fluids replaced by Pete Homan of Bavarian Motor Works

Note the "lowers" portion of the fairing, protects the legs from the wind

Joe mentioned the fairing is very effective in terms of blocking the wind

Joe said the color has been referred to as "Cuban Brown". Kind of looks like milk chocolate brown to me. I recommended to Joe to not only clean up the bike some but also think about removing the fairing and use it as a deal closer. Such as, take the bike and I'll throw in the fairings for free. It's just me but I've never really liked the looks of the Luftmeister fairing.

She's got the old style Krauser Luggage Cases, a bit loose but apparently they were all like that, which explains why you see so many examples of them with a safety strap keeping them on the bike!

No readily apparently leaks/seepage that I could spot. Tires were in good shape, they're tubed in case that's important to you. Note the pillion backrest, very key for any passenger's back support on the longer rides.

A final note, the bike comes with the leather touring tank cover, both it and the seat are in good ondition with no visible tears/rips.

Keep an eye on the Denver area's craiglist, she'll be on the market soon. Or place a comment and I can find Joe.

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