Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Boondocking near the Kolob Canyons, Zion National Park

 Monday, April 22

We left the Torrey, UT area at 8:32 AM and by 1:00 PM or so we were south of Cedar City, UT setting up camp at a BLM dispersed camping area.

Nice spot, and no neighbors which was the best part.  Even the wind, which wasn't that strong, was warm under the bright sunshine once the clouds moved away.

We rested and relaxed the afternoon away, enjoying the warm conditions.  I did take Yagi, the T-Dub for a short ride in the trail loop nearby, but nothing pic-worthy was found.

Tuesday, April 23

Martha and I took Harriet, the CR-V, south on the highway for about ten miles to the exit for the Zion National Park's Kolob Canyons Visitor Center.

pic by Martha

After Martha got her Park Passport stamped, we drove onto the scenic road which takes you to an overlook trail.  It was a mile to the end and not too hard, perhaps 100 feet in elevation change.  

The trail takes you up to some rather nice views of the nearby Kolob Canyons.  You can, pretty much see the canyons from the trailhead parking lot but we needed the exercise, so....

Martha walking back towards the trailhead...

We weren't there at the best time of the day in
terms of sunlight but we made do...

Shuntavi Butte

We returned to camp where Martha dropped me off and she went shopping at nearby Cedar City, for groceries.

Not much got done otherwise in the afternoon, I did a minor repair to the left rear mudflap on the VRRV which had once again been found hanging by one screw!


Oz said...

The Utah landscape is so interesting and pretty.

CCjon said...

Beautiful country you found there. Nobody is sight, no roads, houses to powerlines, gorgeous

redlegsrides said...

Oz, Utah's rock formations are indeed eye-catching.

CCjon, it's all in the angles... Within line of sight there were farms and ranches but not too close.