Sunday, April 21, 2024

Escalante National Monument and T-Dub'ing in the Fishlake National Forest, Near Torrey, UT

Saturday, April 20

Martha and I drove the Honda CR-V (Wanda) down UT Highway 12, a designated scenic byway, towards the Escalante National Monument.

A brief stop at "The Hogback" for the above shot.

The rest of the photos for this post are screen captures from the footage shot by the car's dashcam.  Not too bad.  There are some really cool and colorful rock formations as one heads towards and through the Escalante National Monument enroute to its visitor center in the town of Escalante.

I've been in this area on previous trips and rides: LINK1, LINK2

Martha got her Parks Passport stamp at the visitor center and I wandered around reading info placards and admiring the giant lizard:

That'd be something, wouldn't it, 
if they were actually this large.

The drive back was without issue and without success in terms of securing pie at the Burr Trail Grill (they were out) and at the General Store and Bakery in Torrey, UT!

Sunday, April 21

A lazy morning where nothing was accomplished except for shots of nearby rock formations visible from the campsite:

After lunch, I rode out on Yagi, my Yamaha TW200 to explore the forest roads north and west of Torrey, UT which are in the Fishlake National Forest.  A short hop on UT24 and soon I was on dirt and having a good time.

I found a trail which led to the rim of the mesa I was riding on...

I wandered about, checking out trails, finding lone campers and generally enjoying the riding conditions.  Some spots were full of large rocks embedded into the trail but even those weren't too bad or technical.

Let's see, I check out parts of FR 146, 1597 and 1584.  The last trail took me further west to the vicinity of this cool looking rock formation:

Here's the best looking, IMHO, rock formation for this area.  There was a lone camping rig here, a converted FEDEX type panel truck, but I hid it behind the bush.

I made my way back to Torrey with only a couple of wrong turns.  Lots to explore in this area, will have to do more riding of it if ever camping in this area again.

I got back to camp with no issues, saw several rigs moving in trying to find themselves a spot.  Packed away most of the outside gear in preparation for displacing tomorrow.


CCjon said...

That looks like an interesting park to explore.

RichardM said...

You seem to be moving often. At least more often than in the past…

redlegsrides said...

Escalante National Monument seems cool but I wonder how much of it is accessible easily, CCjon.

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, moving more often? We have been at the same site for 4 days now, we're trying to follow the rule of threes. Ideally, set up at camp by 3:00 p.m., no more than 300 miles between campsites and finally stay at least 3 days.

Martha said...

And yes-we are using the CRV for more day trips as wifey is curious and gets bored easily…no lazy days of puttering around the camp when I’m on scene…giggle giggle

RichardM said...

We used to move every four days and thought it to be too often. A week feels better for us. But in less than a month, it’ll be traveling every day…