Friday, March 17, 2023

Baja California with the Z's - Day 24: Beach Riding on St. Patrick's Day

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

T'was a bit cooler here today but still nice and sunny for the most part.  It would get cooler in the late afternoon and evening, but still, not bad at all.

We're boondocking at Punta Bufeo, near the La Poma Campground but on the "free" portion of the beach.  This morning after breakfast and a leisurely morning of relaxing; I decided to take Yagi, my TW200, and ride the beach to the northern end of the small "bay" we're at.

The going was not bad, I rode slowly and carefully, trying to stay away from the really loose sand.  I found myself looking for and staying on gravel covered sand, which gave better traction!

Soon, enough, I was past a couple of campgrounds, some private homes, and saw what looked like a border marker.  

Looking back towards Punta Bufeo:

I retraced my way, feeling a bit surer about how to negotiate the beach sand and gravel.  I think I may have to do some more exploring along this section of the shoreline tomorrow, perhaps.

I rode past the rigs, and then decided to go to the southern end of the shallow bay we're situated at.  Rocks and such prevented me riding close to the end of the big rocky hillside that ends at the water's edge:

Some careful balancing and clambering later, I rounded the curve and saw this:

Zoomed in shot of the beach where we're boondocking

All the rocks you see in the first two pics of the southern end?  I could see, as I carefully moved on top from rock to rock, dozens of what I call Sea Cockroaches.

You could see them scurrying under the rocks as I approached, dozens and dozens of them.  A bit disturbing but since they fled, it was all good.  I did managed to stop at one spot to capture some of them with the camera:

They kind of look like prehistoric Trilobites don't they?  Here's a short video of them moving about:

An artsy pic before I got back onto Yagi and returned to my campsite:

At 4:30 PM, Chris, Lori and I got on both TW200s and rode the short distance to the La Poma Campground's Restaurant:

My fajitas were a bit "chewy", nothing like the Arrachero (Skirt Steak) we'd been buying from the grocery store in BLA!  Chris and Lori seemed to enjoy their plates however, so it was all good.

It was a bit chilly as we ate at the restaurant, as the outside tables were in the shade.  We warmed up a bit sitting in the light of the setting sun back at camp but all too soon it was time to go into our respective RVs.

Another good day at the beach!


RichardM said...

Another good day, indeed! It looks like you are all having a great time.

redlegsrides said...

This spot and good weather are definitely something we are enjoying, RichardM.

CCjon said...

Have a feeling this will not be your last trip down Baja. Glad you are finding goof food and great sights everywhere.

redlegsrides said...

You never know CCjon, you never know. :)