Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Baja California with the Z's - Days 28 & 29

Tuesday, March 21

A very windy day!  The wind would blow and gust strongly all day long and we would spend most of it indoors!

Sunrise was pretty good:

The gusts were so strong at one point that they blew Yagi, my TW200, over!  I went outside, picked her up, and backed her into the leeward side of the VRRV for the rest of the day.

It kind of, sort of, became partly sunny after lunch and I went out for a ride. I basically spent the time chasing the sun or waiting for cloud support in order to take pictures.

The "highlight" of the ride, was finding a trail behind the dunes to our southeast and locating a large flood plain at the base of the rock formation that I believe there's the name of Punta Bufeo.

The Ocotillo is not blooming yet....

Typical condition of the trails crisscrossing the area

Some more views of the beach:

Dinner was aracherra with rice and beans in Chris & Lori's Overlander.  By mixing it with some ice tea, we were able to finish the last bit of what we were calling rotgut whiskey.  Label 5 is the brand, which Chris had bought in BLA, the small bottle that lasted quite a while since the taste wasn't that great.

Wednesday, March 22

Mostly sunny with some wind, but not as windy as yesterday!

After consulting with Chris Z., I rerouted the three overflow tubes that come out of the top of the VRRV's fresh water tank so they're mostly level with where they exit the water tank.  This, to hopefully prevent the "siphon effect" when I fill the tank with water.  I'd been using stop valves to prevent water loss through the siphon effect but I'd rather not have to keep using them.  We'll see how it goes next time I tank up.

In the afternoon, I went for some riding.  First, to the local dump I'd found across the highway to dispose of two bags of trash; one from each RV.  Then I just meandered about a bit.

I did take pics of a Class C that had come in yesterday afternoon.  It was obviously sporting a lift kit, perhaps 5" lift?

Note distance from wheel hub center to bottom 
edge of RV habitat

For comparison, Uma's hubs are even with the bottom
of the VRRV habitat!

It's not like I've been "grounding" any bits of Uma's underside, with the exception of the mud guards for the front wheels.  Still, I find the concept quite interesting, lifting Uma up like the Chateau depicted above.

Here's some more "wave action", this time slowed down to 1/4 speed, for your enjoyment.  We displace tomorrow, moving north back to the San Felipe area.


RichardM said...

The last couple of days have been really windy here as well. Gusts up to 38mph but after today’s downpour, the wind is gone. And we have cold homing in after the front.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks RichardM for the info, hopefully the front will be gone by the time we cross the border next week.