Sunday, March 26, 2023

Baja California with the Z's - Days 32 & 33: Last Weekend in Mexico

 Saturday, March 25

Bought a traction system for light trucks, cars and RVs to hopefully enable me to self-recover from sand/mud conditions in the future.

It's made by Truckclaws and the videos/reviews I saw on youtube made it looked quite promising.  I should get it by mid-April while in the vicinity of Meadview, AZ.

The extender bar, it to provide added
footprint for the claw.

Not much worth reporting about today, just mounting frustration with growing crowded conditions down here.  I think also I need to do some solo camping for a bit so that's what I'll do once we cross the border back into the USA on Monday.

Sunday, March 26

I went for a long ride to exorcise some demons that had popped up due to other matters.  

I revisited the unfinished house with the dome for some more pics, but the only ones I ended up using were of possibly flowering Ocotillo and a view of distant hills through the holes in the chimney.

Then, I meandered over to the shoreline, and cruised out on the tidal flats for a bit since the tide was out.  Again, no pics obtained that were usable.

Then, I decided to keep riding south along the shoreline, moving slowly and keeping on the still-moist sand left by the receding tide.  It's firmer you see, and much easier to ride on than the dry deep sand a bit further up the beach.

I came to an area with nice looking erosion on the cliffsides bordering the beach:

It sort of reminded me of Utah's rock formations

The erosion paths had carved out interesting "trails"
that should be explored.

I liked this erosion formation best, looks like
a line of people ...

At the furthest point that I went, which was almost parallel to a campground called Playa Hawaii; I spotted a slightly sketchy looking trail heading up the cliffs to the top.

I found this at the top:

Views from the rock outcropping just past the table above:

I retraced my way back to the beach and started heading back towards camp:

Later, we were buzzed by this guy on an ultralight.  I managed to get the below pics on his third flyover.  Apparently, he was taking off from the beach nearby and would turn around to head south almost directly over our heads.

Things are getting crowded down here so we decided to leave Baja California tomorrow and return to the Land of the Big PX, as we used to call it back when I was stationed with the Army in Europe.  It'll be good to be back in one's home country.

The trip was enjoyable, interesting, sometimes a bit unnerving in terms of road conditions but in general a good month or so in Mexico's Baja California.  I'll probably have more thoughts on traveling in Baja California...


Spat said...

Dom I thought the same about the cliffs, mountains and Moab. Thanks for taking us along

redlegsrides said...

You're most welcome, John