Monday, March 27, 2023

Back in the USA, Boondocking Again Near Winterhaven, CA

We left at 8AM this morning, leaving the campsite north of San Felipe, Baja California behind and a couple of hours later were at the border.

We chose to cross at the same border crossing station in San Luis Rio Colorado.  We got in line, using the general access/RV line to slowly make our way to the inspection station.

Some sights, along the way, pics taken by Lori Z.

The middle area between two lanes of traffic was populated by vendors selling drinks, snacks and crap such as the stuff below.

Interspersed with the vendors, others acted as panhandlers, often times presenting themselves as invalid or handicapped in some way.

The shops along the street we inched our way on, sold all kinds of souvenirs, or auto insurance for US-bound mexicans.  

It was a mystery to us why anyone would want to buy or own a damn "Chucky" doll but here you go.  Note the cute bathroom sign:

The one ugly incident we experienced was an asshole with Arizona tags darting in front of Chris and Lori's Ovelander and jumping the line!  Goddamn him or her.

Line Jumping Asshole!

We would end up spending 80 minutes in line.  Stewie, Chris & Lori's Overlander was briefly searched by US Customs but no issues.  I was asked a few questions and let through, back into the USA!  

It's good to be back, I must say.  I also can confidently say that Mexico is no longer on the possible place to retire to list!  I know, eastern Baja California isn't all of Mexico, but I think I got enough of a "taste".

We then drove to Yuma and retrieved our possessions from storage.  Scarlett and trailer are back behind Uma.

We went our separate ways at this point, planning to rejoin in about ten days or so further north near Meadview, AZ.  I need some solo camping time you see, and the Z's were very understanding, such true friends and great camping companions.

I dumped tanks and got clean water (I dumped all the Mexican water on the way to the border) at the Speedway that provides the facilities for free.  Of course, as they probably hoped, I also got a gas for the VRRV and refilled my spare gas can.

While the Z's did some chores in Yuma, I headed back to the vicinity of Winterhaven, CA and the dispersed camping areas off of Ogilby Road.  The Z's went to stay at the VFW BLM Site as they've got other stuff to do in Yuma.

I lucked out and the spot we'd stayed at before was free so I snagged it and set up camp in a warm afternoon/evening with temperatures in the low 70s!

I found Scarlett's battery low on power, 12.1 volts, and she wouldn't crank over.  So I recharged the battery using my Predator 2000 generator for about an hour or so.  Once at 90% charge according to the battery charger, Scarlett cranked right up and I unloaded her from the trailer.

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