Friday, March 24, 2023

Baja California with the Z's - Day 31: Abandoned Housing Projects, Bees and Structures on Stilts

A nicely warm day with gentle winds through most of the day.  It would get into the low 70s and felt great.

Sunrise was cloudless but colorful:

The only "negative" encountered this morning was what I saw when I raised my curtain to let in the light:

I had known that the car campers were nearby, but hadn't looked out the window yesterday afternoon to see the angles involved.  Fortunately, they left soon after I took this picture.

After breakfast, I went out for an exploration ride with Yagi, my TW200.  I wanted to take a closer look at some housing structures visible in the distance which I believed to be abandoned.

First up was a house with a small dome on the roof.  You could see it as you drove in from the highway to our campsite.

Yep, it was abandoned, with a half-finished look throughout.  I am unsure why it was never finished/repaired after the hurricane that went through this area last year.  

The house had an outside stairwell that allowed easy access to the roof.  I believe the idea was to give folks a nice view of the nearby beach.  The dome's purpose was just to provide small windows to let in the light to the central point of the house I believe.  Still, an eye-catching feature you might say.

Further to the north, you could see what looked like a fancy house.  Once I got near though, it was definitely another half-finished house that appeared abandoned. 

I wandered inside for a bit, noting how people had been tearing at some of the installed insulation, floors were only half completed, and fixtures were missing along with quite the mess in each room.

I'd walked past it twice before I looked up towards the ceiling and noticed this:

Yep, bees!  The whole thing must have been 2-3 feet across I think.  I'd seen some bugs flying about before I saw the hive but had thought they were just the same type of wasps I'd seen down at BLA.

Having spotted the above multitude of bees, I left forthwith.

Bee video courtesy of Chris Z.

There was this structure near the highway as I left the above house:

What looks like a storm damaged single wide
manufactured home.

Continuing north a bit more, I saw what looked like a home built out of shipping containers:

I stopped and talked to one of the workmen onsite and turns it will be a Taqueria someday soon.  There was still much work to be done on the interiors as I walked around after getting permission to do so.

I then turned towards the beach areas and checked out, from a distance, what I initially took to be tiny homes on stilts:

Most of them had old campers parked underneath them.  I don't think think the structures on top are meant as homes but as covered observation decks for folks to look at the nearby beach.

Still, they mostly all seemed to be in disrepair, the campers sure looked dilapidated and scavenged for parts in some cases!

It was getting close to lunchtime by now so I headed on back towards the campsite, I found trails leading back to camp without having to return to the highway first.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing in the gazebo, listening to an audio book, re-leveling the VRRV to a better position and just enjoying the weather.

I hosted dinner for the Z's in the VRRV, it was Arrachera and Fries.  It turned out to be pretty good too.  Different brand from the one we'd tried down by BLA but still tasty.

As you can see, it was only 600 grams vice the 800 grams version from SuKarne that we got at BLA.  It was only 170 pesos however, and fed the three of us to satisfaction.  I think we're going to have to go into San Felipe and get some more of these Arracheras.

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