Saturday, March 18, 2023

Baja California with the Z's - Day 25: A Sunrise and More Beach Riding

 Another gloriously sunny and warm day today.  The winds were from the North and quite strong at times but still, warmish on the leeward side of the rigs at their worst.

I woke in time for a nice sunrise:

Around mid-morning, the only large travel trailer with a somewhat unique UTV carrier system loaded up to go.  They had a very helpful little girl, see video to see what I mean:

I relaxed in the sun the whole morning away, quite nice.  Then it was time to ride over to some interesting rock formations/erosions that I'd seen yesterday.

Punta Bufeo, B.C.

Drying out wings

try to spot the rigs

A bit rocky at times...

A little bit of "wave action" for you

I got back to the rigs short of 2PM and the rest of the afternoon was spent laying out in the sun, though I did take care to remain mostly covered as I've tanned up a bit!  It was warm enough that Chris Z. even went in for a short swim!

Dinner was Tamales made by Lori Z.  Yum!  Yep, another great day.


Blaze Our Way said...

The ocean video perfectly captures what we get to enjoy. Nice reminder to have.

RichardM said...

Several years ago, someone mentioned a carrier like that for the Ural. The problem being the front axle on any of truck with a diesel is pretty heavily loaded already. I saw several of these at Quartzsite. One of them with a Ural.

redlegsrides said...

BlazeOurWay, Lori, exactly.

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, seems a bit too unwieldy and possibly top heavy to me....