Thursday, March 23, 2023

Baja California with the Z's - Day 30: Back Near San Felipe

We left Punta Bufeo shortly before 9AM today and about two hours later, were in San Felipe picking up a few groceries, burritos from a roadside stand for lunch and finding a spot near the beach.

We had originally hoped the find the wide spot right on the beach empty to occupy it but the same fifth wheel trailer with the truck sporting an ATV carrying roof rack had gotten there first.  Those people must be starting to think we're following them, we first saw them in BLA, then Punta Bufeo and now here!

Just as well we didn't get that spot, other camper rigs showed up later and they parked very close to the fifth wheel trailer folks!  Perhaps they know each other, perhaps they just like to intrude.

Instead, we got a spot pretty close to the beach but small enough to not easily allow some intruding party to get too close.  As it was, there were tent campers across the road.  Oh well.

The spot we'd originally thought we wanted is the 
road ends on the beach

A better choice....hopefully.

Uma didn't have any issues with the sandy conditions here, so far anyways, we'll see when it comes time to leave next week.  


RichardM said...

Heading back or explore the west coast?

redlegsrides said...

Heading north RichardM, with a side trip to visit family.

Oz said...

Looks like at most of these places you have it to yourself. Nice to really get away from people for a time.

redlegsrides said...

By my admittedly unreasonable standards Oz, it's crowded here.