Monday, March 20, 2023

Baja California with the Z's - Days 26 & 27: More Beach Time

 Sunday, March 19

Sunday's Sunrise

While Chris and Lori Z. would spend the day relaxing on the beach near their overlander; I would get in a couple of rides checking out the area some more 

First I explored for and found the sandy road leading to Federal Highway 5 for the settlement of Punta Bufeo.  The town used to host airstrip, but now it's just a bunch of houses to seemingly owned by ex-pats with sand rails.  They picked a good spot, it seems, to have a retirement or vacation home.  There's even a "hotel" here but it looked a bit run down to me.

Once at the highway, I crossed over and explored the trails for a little bit.  I spotted and headed over to what appeared to be an abandoned boat:

The boat was stripped of equipment but I didn't spot any hull damage.

Returning to and crossing back over the highway, I headed north less than a mile I think to the entry that had the sign for the La Poma campground next to which we are boondocking.

The second ride, was to explore the trail that runs parallel (sort of) to the shoreline and heads north.  It takes you past several private homes, and eventually peters out north up Baja Playa del Sol campground.

The map says it goes for the north, the trail, but I lost it soon after I passed that campground so I turned around.

Got turned around while seeking the trail so headed over to the beach.  The stretch I got on had a large amount of sea shells:

I found the survey markers I'd seen on a previous ride and turned off the shore onto the trail which took me near the Baja Playa del Sol campground.  Enroute, I came across a large spread pile of objects.

I stopped for a closer look:

I guess the fishermen who caught the above Trigger Fish kept only the bodies, the heads being unsellable?

Soon enough I retraced my way back to the Punta Bufeo area and our campsite on the beach.

Not much else got done once I got back but to sit by the beach and watch the waves.  There were weekenders walking by and enjoying the weather.

Monday, March 20

Monday's Sunrise, not bad...shot from my RV window

We hung about the campsite, sitting in the sun sometimes, almost always trying to be in the wind to keep the little flies away.

Close to Noon, we were approached by a lady and what turned out to be her nephew.  She, Clara Orozco, and her sister-in-law are the owners of the beach section listed on iOverlander as free camping!

She told Chris and I, that it had been reported to her that some fishermen were using the shell of a building near us as a base and making a mess.  

They run a campground in Puertecitos and had come down to check out things.

They had ascertained that the fishermen in question were not making a mess and confirmed it with us.

They did however ask us for a fee for camping on their property; and to quote them: whatever we thought was reasonable.

We ended up negotiating 800 pesos or $40 dollars for the amount of time we had already been here and until we left, whenever that might be. That's open-ended so I think we're all good.  The fee was for both rigs, so not too bad at all.

Later after lunch, I did a short ride to the area west of La Poma campground and found the local dump!  Yep, they just bulldoze a pit about 1/4 mile from the highway, and you dump trash onto it.  

As per the sign in the picture, there were piles of metal junk and wood bits in the surrounding area.

I rode about another 1/2 mile and came upon a big stinking bunch of piles of clams or some kind of shellfish.  Just sitting there, piled up and rotting.  Ugh.

I quickly left the area and crossed back over the highway.  Wandering around, I came upon what looks like an enclosure to a water tank storage area.

Further wandering found me near the entrance to Punta Bufeo's campground (not sure it exists anymore).  I found the depiction of Orcas to be a bit of misleading advertising.  Of course, perhaps we're here in the off season for Orca, who knows?

The rest of the afternoon was spent near the rigs, sitting in the shade and sometimes wandering about the shoreline looking for interesting rocks.

Monday's sunset was pretty good.  I was being chatted up by some tourists from the SF Bay Area during the photo shoot but managed to get shots in spite of that.

It was pretty windy today but not too bad.  Supposed to be windy tomorrow as well so we'll see.  Still a pretty nice day at the beach.


CCjon said...

It's nice to have the TW along for exploring. Any issues with having it mounted on the front of the RV?
Am enjoying the sunrise - sunset shots. Thank you.

redlegsrides said...

CCjon, no issues with it being mounted on the front rack...that said, I made to move the front license plate to the front of the rack to ensure police didn't have that excuse to pull me over.

I've not seen another rig with a motorcycle in the front.

That said, at least two police trucks have seen the rig, no reaction. I'm guessing they see the Overlander in front of my rig, and by the time they look at me, they're not interested in such a mundane RV! :)

Bridget said...

So, how do you know that lady really owns that part of the beach? I would have paid without arguing.
Beautiful sunrises and sets.

redlegsrides said...

She had no proof of course, Bridget, but what can you do right? They willingly gave their names, an email address for iOverlander app to advise others that this is private property that one can camp on with prior permission.....thanks for the feedback re nature's light shows