Friday, March 01, 2024

Now Boondocking near Toyah, TX

Martha flew home today out of the Midland airport.  She'll be rejoining me in April I think.

We visited a historical landmark before going to the airport, the home of George H. W. Bush and his family when they lived in Midland, TX.

This was actually the second of three homes they lived in while in the Midland area.

It's a small house, hence a small museum.  The furniture wasn't the actual stuff owned by the Bush family but similar based on recollections by Barbara Bush.

Nothing really exciting about this museum, but I found it interesting to read the numerous information signs and view the family photos.  This house was during the initial phase of George H. W. Bush's life in the oil industry.  

Check out the TV set!

Martha remarked that it looked like her grandma's kitchen

George W's room as a young boy.

A party line phone, used by the Bush family

The renovated house

Interesting museum, doesn't take long and we do recommend it if you're in the Midland, TX area.

I returned to the Sandhills SP and packed up the VRRV and attached the CR-V, leaving for points west.  While stopped for gas for the VRRV ten miles down the road, realized I'd forgotten the surge protector for the RV and had to return for it!

So, after losing about an hour, still made it to tonight's destination south of Toyah, TX.  It's land that belongs to a ROTC/College friend of mine who bought it as an investment years ago.

Not much out here but oil field equipment nearby and fence lines for ranches.

Jerry W., the land owner, lives in Washington so it's just me here tonight on his land.


CCjon said...

Glad you are staying south of Amarillo, those brushfires north if I-40 are out of control.

Am in NM, leaving for Houston in the morning, taking the southern route, well south of Amarillo.

Oz said...

As CCjon mentioned - glad you are away from the fires and hopefully not get any of the smoke.

Nice photos of museum. I have only driven through Midland but may need to stop next time.

RichardM said...

I spent time in the Midland-Odessa area back in the late 70s as it was one of the field sites for a project. It’s a lot more built up now than it was back then. JPL had arranged a rental car for me on one visit. Compact car was a Ford LTD…

redlegsrides said...

CCjon and Oz, yep, nowhere near the big fires near Amarillo thankfully. I'll be going to the Carlsbad area tomorrow I think, making my slow way back west towards Arizona.

RichardM, Ford LTD was a compact car? I remember them as being pretty big.

Midland is nice, Odessa is more blue collar and looks pretty run down. I-20 roadsides are trashed out!