Thursday, March 28, 2024

Back Home for Now

Long day on the road, Google maps said 8 hours from my campsite near Elephant Butte, NM but it's closer to eleven+ hours the way I drive.

I drive at 55-58 mph max speed you see, trying to not go below 7 MPG.  On a good day, it's 8+, and that's whether towing the Honda CR-V or Trailer with Ural behind the VRRV.

I left shortly after 7:15 AM and crossed into Colorado at 2:30 PM, making it home by 6:30 PM.    The only place I encountered congestion was while passing by the downtown area of Colorado Springs.  Now the lanes going the other way?  Parking lot.  Fortunately, I was going "against" traffic.

It was also parking lot conditions as I approached Denver but again fortunately in the other direction, going to Colorado Spring or exiting the cesspool that is the Metro Denver Area.

The weather was sunny but windy.  It was especially windy north of Walsenburg, CO in Huerfano County.

Managed to drop Yagi accidentally while unloading the VRRV, totally my carelessness and fatigue.  Bent her shift pedal (I think it can be straightened tomorrow with hammer and vise) and broke off both lights mounted on the front cargo rack.  Sigh.  Now, where's that Plasti-Weld dispenser?  This too can wait till sometime this week.

Still, not too bad considering I covered over 1000 miles in three days, I'm not used to that such extended driving in such short time spans.

Got lots to do the next few days if not weeks, so not sure when I'll go camping next.

Just glad to be home for now.

Note: VRRV driven 4724 miles this trip.  Jan 10 - Mar 28


RichardM said...

“Just glad to be home for now.”

Welcome home!

CCjon said...

Too bad about the broken lights, but those can be fixed, Glad you made home safely.

SonjaM said...

Welcome home. Wishing you a and your family Happy Easter!

Oz said...

Denver metroplex may not be your favorite place on earth but I am sure it is good to be home

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, thanks.

CCjon, yep all fixable, thanks.

Danke, SonjaM, Happy Easter to you and yours as well.

Oz, any crowded place sucks these days, but yeah, good to be home.