Friday, July 29, 2022

Another Visit to Shipwreck Beach, A Seal and a Sunset

 I went over to Shipwreck Beach again, this time by myself, in search of my "chi" again.

This time, I walked farther along the shoreline past the points reached on previous trips; reaching a point where I could see a golf course in the distance.

Some attempts to capture the power of the waves, as they smashed themselves against the rocks:

I sat at the above spot for about an hour, just enjoying the solitude and the sound of the waves bashing themselves against the rocks.  There were people around of course, but not many, and the spot's isolation precluded people joining me there.

As I sat there, a passing young woman caught my eye.  She kept looking down the edge of the rocks; to the point where I started wondering what was so interesting.

So I walked closer to the edge of my spot and saw this:

So I fetched the Sony A6000 with the telephoto lens and got these:

Hawaii Monk Seal

It was quite enjoyable, sitting in the spot, though not that comfortable as you can imagine.  A folding camp chair would be nice, but alas, didn't pack one.

After dinner, we all went out to check out what looked like a promising sunset.

Oh, and yes, some progress in regaining my "chi"....

Before you express surprise, my flanks were protected from "others"

Here's a couple of pics from Larry:

photo courtesy of Larry H.

photo courtesy of Larry H.


RichardM said...

Nice wave action with associated audio on the video. And great sunsets. Have you noticed how short the sunsets are?

redlegsrides said...

Thanks RichardM, hadn't noticed the sunset duration.... we're just south of the tropic of Cancer so it should be longer than the mainland? By the way I just found out about the tropic of Cancer.

RichardM said...

Since the sun passes almost directly overhead, it drops straight towards the horizon instead of angling in. Makes for very short sunsets. At least that was my experience. It got dark quick.

Kofla Olivieri said...

Beautiful sunset pictures. It reminded me the time I visited Maui in 2004.

redlegsrides said...

It was a nice one, Kofla Olivieri, but I shan't miss the crowds.