Monday, March 30, 2020

T-Dubing to the Baboquivari Peak East Trail Head

An easy day of riding my '06 Yamaha TW200, Yagi.

Didn't get out of bed till almost 7AM, it was quite luxurious but there was one call of nature around 4:15 AM so its not like I slept through the whole night.

Woke to 38°F (3.3°C) and didn't have to turn on the catalytic heater to take the chill out of the air as the morning sun was doing a good job of warming things up inside the URRV.

Lounged about, taking the above pictures and planning picture shot angles for later on around the campsite.

Before 10:00 AM, I geared up and rode out on Yagi taking the trail that leads from the campsite through to Thomas Canyon, trying to see how far I could get before I ran out of trail as shown in the map:

The trail proved pretty easy with only a couple of parts where I slowed down a bit but could have taken at speed.  By speed of course is a rate that never exceeded 20 mph!  Captain Slow, that's me!  Still, it wasn't exactly conditions where one would take a 2WD car on, at least that's what I thought.

As I got closer to the gate, I crested a small hill and damned if I didn't see a small Class C similar in size to Uma sitting on a hilltop.  What the hell I thought, how did he get that sucker here on this trail!?!?

I was too surprised to take pictures inbound, so here's a couple I took on the way back to show the view I had when I topped the hill:

 You see it, left of center....

I closed the distance and stopped at the trail junction to talk to the driver.  I confirmed with him that he'd actually driven the motorhome down the sometimes nasty trail!  He patted the side of the motorhome and said yeah, but never again!  He's going to have such a good time getting that thing out safely!

Note, he was parked by the junction where a sign said no camping further on.  I guess that's why he stopped?

Talking across the 50 ft or so distance, got tiring fast, so I waved goodbye and kept going till I hit a small stream.  A brief recce confirmed the stream wasn't the end of the trail; so after returning to Yagi and kept on going for perhaps another half mile until I did hit the gate.

I hadn't packed any hiking gear so it'll have to wait, the link for the map talks more of the hike.  I would just be doing the portion that is accessible on foot without the three technical climbs that are involved to get to the top of Baboquivari Peak!

Here's a pic of the stream on the way back:

Here's a couple of pics of the motor home as I made my way back up from the stream bed:

 See it?  Look at the bottom of the V

Still shaking my head and deciding the guy was nuts to bring a motor home down the trail he did, I made my way back with no issues.

Blue distant peaks

Back at the campsite, I took a quick spin to check out the trail going to Mildred Peak.  Nice and straight for the most part with speeds reaching almost 30 mph it was in such a good condition.

Unfortunately, the trail deadends at someone's home and the designated route from there to Schaffer's Wash and Camp is foot traffic only.  Oh well, this is as close as I would get to Mildred Peak:

Mildred Peak

As I neared the campsite, I stopped for this wide view of it and the area to the north:

Can you spot Uma?

A late lunch and just relaxed the rest of the afternoon away, it would get as warm as 73°F (22.7°C) and it felt nice though there was a breeze in the shade that was almost uncomfortable.  It's supposed to be warmer tomorrow, I might go on that hike.


RichardM said...

The one in the “V” looks like a truck camper and not a motor home. And the motor home looks a lot shorter. Without the overhang, it may be easier to get it in there.

Now start working on your expedition vehicle.

redlegsrides said...

I got a closer look, it’s a class C I forthcoming. An Itasca Spirit is what the sticker on it read. The terrain he went thru, definitely Overlander Rig terrain....and yes , it’s shorter than my RV