Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Hiking attempt from the East Baboquivari Trail Head. Didn't get far.

I woke after sunrise again, it felt great but I may have missed a good sunrise based on the cloud formations I saw when I raised the curtains.  Oh well.

After breakfast and once it had warmed up a bit, I geared up and again rode Yagi, my '06 Yamaha TW200 to the trail head for the eastern trail to Baboquivari Peak.  I intended to just hike to the saddle described in Todd's posting but didn't even make it that far!

source: see Todd's Posting link

One thing missing from Todd's posting about hiking the eastern trail to the top of Baboquivari Peak:  The plethora of thorny bushes along the narrow trail!  Shorts, were not the way to go for this hike.

I'd worn shorts as the day promised to be quite warm.  Ironically, I should have kept on my Kevlar Mesh Riding Pants as anything else I think would have failed to protect my legs from scratches and thorns.
 Gnarled tree guards the path soon after leaving the buildings
comprising the small "ranch" behind.
 Part of the hiking trail, the puddle provided for
an artsy shot.

 These is one of two large water tanks that show up on the map,
about a third of the way from the trail head gate area.

The area after the water tanks is where the trail got faint and confusing.  I tried several times, but each time ended up struggling through lots of thorny bushes to find my way back to the water tanks.

The rock formations above the water tanks seemed to make a face at me as it watched me struggle to get out of thorn bushes and steep rock strewn "trails".

After several attempts to stay on trail, I gave up, the alluded rock cairns proved as difficult as the trail to find, in my case anyways.

Below is my closest view of Baboquivari Peak for today:

I retraced the trail, continuing to try and avoid the thorny branches of bushes alongside the trail, and finally made it back to the ranch buildings:

From the ranch site, one can get a good look at the rock ridge that lies like a snake along the top of the ridge pointing towards the peak:

Caretaker's Lodgings?  Apparently not occupied fulltime

A better look at the wall-like rock formation leading away towards
the top of Baboquivari Peak

Got back to Yagi and got geared up to go riding again.  The riding pants and jacket would have protected me from the thorny bushes but I would have probably suffered heat exhaustion.  Oh well.

Rode back and noticed the crazy driver of the Class C Motor Home I'd spotted yesterday was gone now.  I rode on, still marveling that he'd managed to get his motor home over some of the really sketchy and rock strewn portions that I had to slow down to traverse on Yagi!

I actually caught up to him about a couple of miles from my campsite, I exchanged "OK" signs with him and I kept going while he continued onwards much more slowly.

Got back to camp, oiled Yagi's chain, applied antiseptic ointment to all the scratches on my hands and legs and soon I spotted his motor home in the distant ridge:

Can you spot his RV?

As I waited for him to get closer to camp, I took another picture of Fiona with the unnamed rock formation closest in the background and Mount Wrightson in the far distance.

Eventually, the guy and his RV showed up closer and I took pictures of his rig as he went on by.  We waved at each other but he just kept on driving, heading for the highway about 2.5 miles away.  I am sure he felt the remaining miles were smooth as silk when compared to the crap he'd just driven his motor home on!  Crazy guy.

Another shot of Fiona with Mt Wrightson in the background.  The closer rock formations are unnamed as far as I can determine.

Cloudy, overcast skies precluded any view of the setting sun.  Alas.


CCjon said...

Do you worry about people messing with your RV when you are out exploring? If so, what measures are you taking? Just lock the door and go...?

redlegsrides said...

Used to worry a lot CCjon but: my motorhome isn’t the newest or fanciest, I lock the small generator not with a chain they plastic handle but metal bar bolted to underside, then secured with tow hitch lock to deck of trailer. After that, lock up and go....carry insurance. If someone wants to get in, it’s not that difficult.