Sunday, March 29, 2020

Moved to new campsite near Schaffer Wash, AZ

Sunday, March 29

Finally the cold front is past my location, it would get into the low 70's though a bit windy at times.  Warmer the next few days.

Today’s sunrise was meh:

Note, it only got down to about 38
°F (3°C) overnight, so not bad.  Still cranked up the heater once I got up though.  Here's a couple of pics of Baboquivari Peak from the door of the URRV from campsite 41 within the Buenos Aires NWR.

After breakfast and once it had reached almost 50°F (10°C) I geared up with extra layers and rode out on Fiona, my ‘99 Ural Patrol.  I've basically lost my ability to withstand any kind of cold weather now.

The objective was to get closer to Baboquivari Peak and use it as a background for Fiona pictures.

I turned down this private road which is open to the public for use by sportsmen and hunters.   I hadn’t used this road before and it looked promising as to getting me closer to the peak.  

I ended up at this campsite next to trail junction leading to Mormon Corral.  I was curious about the name so I wandered down the road to see it.  It turned out to be pretty anti-climatic:

Heading back to the trail junction I posed Fiona for in front of a much closer Baboquivari Peak:

 Fiona sitting in the middle of an established campsite

To the east of the campsite, across AZ Highway 286, is Mount Wrightson:

I checked out the campsite some more after ascertaining the rules for camping.  The major one is you cannot be within 1/4 mile of a water source or storage tank.

Sign at the entrance

Decided to move the URRV to this spot after some thought.  Rode back to site 41 in the Buenos Aires NWR by 1130 am and packed things up hastily, within 30 minutes I was ready to move!

By 1215 pm I was at the new site and set up camp (mostly) by 1 pm.  There was a virtual tour of Bob’s BMW personal garage you see, and I was curious as to the content and the technology for such meetings in the new “now”.  

The app to be used was Zoom.  Not bad.  Zoom is apparently being used by some educators to provide online classes during the virus debacle and associated lock downs.  There is of course a learning curve and the tour was interrupted at times by people clearing their throats or making some other noise and the screen shifting to them.  Oh well.

Here's some screen captures I made while watching the tour on my iphone:

 I think this is the last R100R made

Bob has some nice toys, he owns the largest BMW specific dealership in the Mid-Atlantic region apparently.

I found the tour interesting though there was more talking and less showing that I’d hoped for; still it was free eh?  I had thought it was going to be a tour of the museum itself that Bob owns but no, just the contents of his garage.

After the virtual tour, it was time for some pictures of the new campsite.  I really like it a lot and hope it becomes a regular site for me

Mo Better eh?

The afternoon warmed up nicely with occasional gusty winds from the NW but not too bad.

I like this location.

Here's pics from today's sunset:


RichardM said...

Looks like a fantastic camp site. I was wondering what the temperatures were these days...

CCjon said...

Yes, that site is better than most. Nice and quiet.

Am using ZOOM to present education for our photography club since we cannot meet in person. No large groups of people allowed. Though I saw quite a few joggers out today. All young people.

Us oldsters are staying indoor and away from everyone who might be a carrier. Hmmm, how long does the virus germs remain on our mail??? Would be ironic if the junk life insurance letter brought the virus into our home...

Dom, you might be on the right track for avoiding any deadly virus. I hear RV sales are up...

redlegsrides said...

I would say it’s in the top 3 of sites Ive used for boondocking RichardM, so far anyways. Low temperature for tonight is supposed to be 40F, low 70s for high tomorrow

redlegsrides said...

Thanks for the comments CCjon, am making sure to use hand sanitizer after gas and groceries....who knew my penchant for solitude would become a good virus avoidance protocol eh? :)