Friday, June 20, 2008

Simple by Choice

Simple by Choice, that's the motto of the Airheads Beemer Club which I recently joined, the purchase of my 1987 R80 being the "entrance requirement" along with the yearly membership fee of $25.

Today it hit me, loud and clear, why "Simply by Choice" is the club motto. I was giving Brigitta, the R80 a full once over inspection and checking basic stuff like looking for loose fasteners, looking for wear on cables, loose items and finally went to check the air filter.

Turned out you have to remove the fuel tank to get at the air filter cover and remove it to inspect the filter itself. I had some trepidation about this since it involved fuel but it turned out to be an incredibly simple operation. Following the instructions in the Haynes manual I recently acquired, I had the tank off in less than three minutes! Wow. Not a drop of fuel dropped, by the way.

Removing the tank reveals the bike's electronics, so to speak, not much to them when compared to the 2004 R1150RT. The R80 is incredibly simple to take apart enough to be able to access damn near everything on her that's not inside the engine case! Simple indeed!

Brigitta without her fuel tank, looks pretty clean doesn't she?

The Starboard Electronics/Fuses

The Port Side Wiring and Connectors

The battery tray, and the extension cable I installed to facilitate connecting the battery tender.

Top view of an Airhead, cool huh?

The ease in which I can get at engine/components on this airhead gives me more confidence about learning the tasks involved with her minor and major services to come. She sure will be more accessible than Maria!

I really can't get over how easy it was to remove the fuel tank and access everything else with ease.


Conchscooter said...

Uhm old motorcyclists like these retro Bonnevilles for reasons hard to explain...if it ain't there it can't break.

Richard Machida said...

Simplicity is what attracted me to the older airheads. Gravity fed carbs, air cooled, minimal electronics (electronic ignition). So far I've been able to do all repairs and maintenance myself. BTW, great blog!