Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Nokia N800 Tablet comes through the crash just fine

My Nokia N800 Internet Tablet which I use for GPS, Music Player and Internet access was on the motorcycle when I had my crash two days ago.

It was mounted using the Proclip holder and Ram mount accessories as mentioned previously on this blog: LINK

Since it's only friction and gravity that hold the N800 in place with the Proclip holder, it naturally came loose during the crash and subsequent sliding on I-70.

When I got to my motorcycle to try and pick it up, I noticed it lying on the ground beside Maria and figured it was toast; though the display was still lit up. I threw it in my tankbag along with all the other contents that had come out (I had it only half zipped up) and went to try and pick up my motorcycle.

I was perusing all the gear I got from my motorcycle yesterday and set aside the N800 since it was all crusted over with dried up mud and pretty scratched up, gave it a day to "dry" since last I'd seen it on the highway, it had ice particles all over it.

I turned it on yesterday and she works just fine! Wheeew! As you can see below, the faceplate is pretty scratched up but the LCD screen is undamaged. Not too bad eh?

N800 while using rdesktop to remote into my laptop at home

yep, pretty scratched up

While I surely don't recommend trying this out with electronics such as the N800, its gratifying to know that the events leading to its getting scratched up did not lead to its destruction. Once I get my motorcycle back, will have to figure out a way to keep the N800 in its holder, no matter what until I want it out.


Dave Morrell said...

Dude, I would be more worried about my internal and reproductive organs than my mini-pc!!! :-) Glad youre safe, separated shoulders arent fun, and youll have issues when u get old. Oh, you ARE old..

irondad said...

I just got back into town and am catching up on your blog. I turn my back on you for a weekend and what do you do? Ouch! It's too late for words of wisdom but I'm REALLY glad it wasn't worse. No doubt at all about how much damage to your body the gear saved. Wise choice to be so attired. Did you have riding pants as well?

Charlie6 said...

hi Dan,

no excuses, started thinking about slowing and stopping too late...yes, was wearing the cycleport kevlar riding pants as well.

shoulder much better now, saw regular doc today, he said surgery and physical therapy not real helpful usually, said to just build up should er muscle area with exercise. I can ride anytime I'm ready, just have to get my bike fixed. My loving wife has given green light to a "spare bike" since my cage gets 11mpg.

Martha said...

Dave: no worries on the reproductive organs. He's done reproducing,!

Yes, loving wife has little cause for nagging since she breaks bones just walking across parking lots.

And the more he spends/wastes on cage fuel, is less I have to spend on retail therapy.

Go get yourself a spare bike, Honey!