Sunday, June 01, 2008

Blue Knights of Colorado's Top Gun Competition

Today was the Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club's Top Gun Competition where all the police departments in and near Denver with motorcycle officers compete in slow speed maneuvering courses.

The contest was held in one of the parking lots of the Jefferson County Stadium Complex. The audience crowd was not too large, composed mainly of family members and onlookers like myself who came to watch motorcycling grace in motion.

The motor officers waiting their turn to compete

I have to say, these guys are incredible with those 600-700 motorcycles. The executed tight turns that had their handlebars at full lock in whichever direction they were whipping their motorcycles. Even the guys who ran over cones, or bumped them, or even dropped their motorcycles were far and away better than I could ever hope to be with a motorcycle!


Yes, there were a few dropped bikes, no surprise given the incredibly tight turns demanded by the course and the slow speeds involved. Sorry, no pictures of dropped bikes, didn't seem right to take pictures during those times. The officers were quick about righting their motorcycle too, sometimes with the quick assistance of the field judges.

So, here's a few pictures that came out OK, I hope they convey to you an idea of the tough maneuvering these motor officers had to do.

The above officer was the best one I saw on a Beemer

I left after the first round of riding. I had some of my own riding to do since the weather was just as nice as yesterday. Truly some amazing riding to behold today.

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