Thursday, June 05, 2008

A Better Support Tray for the Big Mak Tankbag

Over the last few months, I'd noticed that my plastic support tray for my Big Mak Tank Bag had started sagging due to all the stuff I keep in it. My fault, just way too much stuff.

I'd been getting by through taping a couple of flat metal bars along the underside of the plastic support panel and that had accomplished the support mission. It looked like crap though, what with all the black duct tape holding the metal support bars in place. Not very beemer-like you know?

Yesterday, a co-worker friend of mine found a piece of scrap metal with the right dimensions and thickness and a short while later he'd cut the scrap steel into the same shape as my weary plastic support panel! A couple of holes for the mounting screws and I now have a very sturdy steel panel onto which the tankbag slips onto and secures via a velcro strap. Such a deal!

LINK to original posting of the Big Mak Tank Bag.


irondad said...


How has the maintenance situation been with Maria? I'm looking to buy a new sport tourer in a couple of months. I hear things about 6,000 mile valve adjustments on the R bike, final drives going out, etc. Now that you have some real miles on her, I thought I could pursuade you to share your experience. Would you be so kind?

Charlie6 said...

Hello Dan,

Maintenance on my 2004 R1150RT is not bad at all. The final drive "issue" appears to me to be with the 2007 and never bikes. They went to different final drives after 2004 I think. My 2004 was the last of the 1150RT model and they had pretty much worked out the bugs by then.

I'll write a posting with more re maintenance instead of putting it all in this comment.

If you decide to go the beemer route..I'm no expert but will share what I've learned or point you in the right direction.