Monday, June 09, 2008

Cleared to Ride

Saw my "regular" doctor today, he looked at the xrays, confirmed the separated shoulder diagnosis given by the ER. After conferring with the ortho guys, he said that surgery for this type of injury usually is ineffective and same for physical therapy.

I just have to let things heal on their own and do exercises that build up the muscles around the shoulder area.

The important question was: When can I ride a motorcycle again? He said, up to you, anytime you feel ready to do so! This was, of course, the answer I sought and hoped for.

Hopefully the insurance guy gets around to looking at Maria soon, I'm being told there were several claims this weekend and they're quite busy apparently. Wednesday looks like the earliest they can get to my motorcycle. Hopefully I'll hear from the beemer dealer soon after with an estimate on how long it'll take to fix her up.

Since my cage gets 11mpg, and I commute 44 miles round trip to work every day, I even got the green light from my loving wife to explore the purchase of a "spare" motorcycle for such occasions when Maria is down for repairs or maintenance or the weather is just crappy for large street motorcycles.

I am thinking a URAL sidecar rig perhaps. Perhaps the 2WD model which can handle snow/mud/gravel with no problems. Whether I seriously pursue one now or do more research will depend on how long before Maria is repaired of course.

Any suggestions from the peanut gallery on what to get as a spare motorcycle? A 650GS perhaps, or a KTM? Not another big motorcycle like Maria, a small commuter type motorcycle.


Dave Morrell said...

DR400 Suzuki. Or maybe KLR400 Kawasaki. You can commute AND go off road if you wish on either. Both give great mileage

Dave Morrell said...

Theres a coupla F650GS Bimmers on Craigslist - anywhere between 4 and 6 k. Thatd be a good bike too.

The Snark said...

Sorry to read about the crash. Get well soon.

irondad said...

Just one? With a huge grin and a glint of mischief in my eye, I suggest a couple of backups, Crash!

Demonio Pellegrino said...

how about a v-strom 650? If not, a KLR 500

cool blog, btw.

Charlie6 said...

Dave: Yesh, a 650GS would be cool, but out of budget range.

Snark: thanks, shoulder is feeling better every day.

irondad: you cut me to the quick sir! : )

demonio: grazie, ma non ho molto soldi per un altro moto....e per la moglie, non le piace gli V-strom.

Demonio Pellegrino said...

Capisco...the v-strom is not a pretty bike, according to most. Although I love my black one...

ma la R80 le piacerĂ  sicuramente!